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## Overview of the Situation in Missouri

I live in Missouri and recently signed a 12-month lease for an apartment complex. Despite being explicitly informed about the property being located in a flood zone, I took preventive measures such as getting flood insurance. However, a month after signing the lease, I was informed by another tenant (with still no word from the landlord) that the property is set to be bought out and demolished by the government within the next 6 months due to its unsuitability for residential purposes.

## Potential Legal Recourse and Compensation Options

Given the unexpected turn of events and potential loss of my living space, I am exploring the possibility of seeking legal recourse. I am hoping to receive compensation for any inconvenience caused or, at the very least, terminate the lease early without facing any penalties.

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  • 3AAuditor

    First of all, it sounds like you weren’t “sold” anything. You leased an apartment. Second, it sounds like nothing has happened, and you are getting rumors. For now, there’s nothing to do other than wait for real information.

  • texas_accountant_guy

    If the building will actually be coming down during your lease, then you will not be held to the lease. It will be terminated at the time the city requires everyone to vacate.

    Until the city actually determines the date to vacate and makes everything official, then nothing has happened, and as the other poster said, everything is at the rumor and “potential” stage.

    If you are truly worried about this, go sit down with management, and ask them to let you know what they are hearing on when everyone needs to move out, and ask that they keep you informed.

    Start thinking about where you’re going to move in around 6 months. Keep in mind that bureaucracy moves very slowly and is often delayed, so there’s still a chance you’ll finish out your lease before anything actually happens.

  • DresdenPI

    Is there a cost to you for having to move out in 6 months instead of 12?