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Strategic Collaboration Agreement Between GE Vernova’s Digital Business and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

SAN RAMON, Calif. – AUGUST 22, 2023 — GE Vernova’s Digital business has recently signed a multi-year Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to accelerate digital transformation for industrial companies and utilities. This collaboration aims to leverage cloud-based Proficy® software solutions to reduce costs, increase deployment speed, and enable enterprise-wide optimization.

Advantages of the Collaboration

The collaboration between GE Vernova’s Digital business and AWS addresses the growing demand for industrial data management, manufacturing execution, and automation applications on the cloud. By providing a structure to help industrial companies balance the needs of the plant floor with enterprise IT strategies, the agreement enables organizations to tap into the benefits of cloud technologies.

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Delivering Proficy Software Solutions

Through technical migration and sandbox innovation, GE Vernova’s Digital business and AWS are collaborating to deliver Proficy software solutions in AWS Marketplace. This digital catalog provides a platform for industrial organizations to find, test, purchase, and deploy software that runs on AWS. Currently, the collaboration focuses on 10 operations technology (OT) software solutions, including Proficy Historian for Cloud, Proficy Smart Factory – Cloud OEE and MES, Proficy Operations Hub, and Proficy Manufacturing Data Cloud. These solutions offer benefits such as lower deployment costs, decreased maintenance resource overhead, and increased performance through cloud infrastructure.

The AI legalese decoder plays a crucial role in this process by decoding and simplifying the terms and conditions of the software solutions, ensuring that industrial companies fully understand the benefits and implications of deploying these solutions in their operations. This empowers organizations to make informed decisions and optimize their digital transformation journey.

Reducing Costs and Optimizing Operations

By adopting cloud-based managed industrial solutions, industrial companies can significantly reduce infrastructure costs and maintenance resources. For example, GE Aerospace will transition from 32 distinct deployments of Proficy Historian to a single deployment on AWS. This consolidation not only decreases management costs and downtime but also improves value, scalability, and reliability. Additionally, the collaboration enables the elimination of planned downtime and the establishment of a common data store accessible by thousands of employees across the enterprise.

The AI legalese decoder assists industrial companies in understanding the cost implications and potential savings associated with implementing cloud-based solutions. By analyzing and decoding the financial and contractual aspects of the collaboration, the tool provides organizations with clear insights into the potential return on investment and helps them make well-informed decisions.

Enabling Sustainable Operations

The collaboration between GE Vernova’s Digital business and AWS also supports sustainability initiatives by helping utilities and manufacturers improve efficiency, reduce waste, and achieve peak production. By leveraging cloud technologies, industrial organizations can make faster, data-driven decisions to address sustainability challenges. The AI legalese decoder plays a crucial role in these efforts by decoding and simplifying the terms and conditions related to sustainability metrics and targets, enabling organizations to align their operations with environmental goals.

About GE Vernova’s Digital Business

GE Vernova’s Digital business is committed to accelerating the era of sustainable energy by leveraging data and intelligent applications. Their software platforms and solutions help customers plan, predict, manage, and optimize operations for a sustainable future. With over 20,000 customers worldwide, GE Vernova’s Digital business is a trusted partner in the energy industry. For more information, visit

Contact Information for Media Inquiries

Rachael Van Reen
Director, External Communications, Digital
GE Vernova
+1 678 896 6754
[email protected]

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