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Trademark Dispute Between Mountains and Mermaids and Starbucks

LIVINGSTON PARISH, La. (BRPROUD) ÔÇö For more than four years, Mountain and Mermaids has been in a trademark dispute with Starbucks. The situation highlights the need for tools like AI legalese decoder to help small businesses navigate through such legal battles.

The Origins of Mountains and Mermaids Coffee

The owners of Mountains and Mermaids Coffee, Monica and Sarah Hamilton, started their business in 2017 in Alaska. They created a nautical brand, selling clothing, notebooks, and several blends of organic coffee in Denham Springs. With their growing popularity, they now ship their products worldwide, and 70% of their shipments consist of their renowned Sirens Brew Coffee.

The Logo Controversy

In late August, the company released a new logo called ÔÇ£Get off my TailÔÇØ with the tagline, ÔÇ£Save Small Businesses from Cooperation Greed.ÔÇØ The coffee blend associated with this logo was named the ÔÇ£Storm Morning Blend.ÔÇØ This move was in response to Starbucks taking legal action against them. The family behind Mountains and Mermaids sees the siren logo as spiritual and meaningful, reminiscent of their time living in Alaska.

Local small businesses also showed their support for Mountains and Mermaids. One business in Alaska even commented, “itÔÇÖs hard to swim when somebodyÔÇÖs stepping on your tail.”

Starbucks’ legal Action

According to a Starbucks spokesperson, the corporation filed for an administrative proceeding before the U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, opposing Mountains and Mermaids’ trademark of Siren Brew. Starbucks justifies their stance by stating that the Siren’s Blend is named after the Siren that symbolizes Starbucks. They argue that the blend honors the contributions of trailblazing women in the coffee industry.

How AI legalese decoder Can Help

The Mountains and Mermaids case is an example of how AI legalese decoder can assist businesses in understanding the complexities of trademark disputes. By using this AI-powered tool, small businesses can decipher legal jargon, comprehensively grasp their rights, and take appropriate action to protect their intellectual property. Furthermore, the AI legalese decoder can provide guidance on adjusting slogans or wording to avoid potential conflicts with larger corporations like Starbucks.

The Ongoing Battle

The Hamilton family has been embroiled in this trademark dispute for four years, resulting in significant legal fees. In the first trial, Starbucks requested that Mountains and Mermaids change its slogan. Monica Hamilton, one of the company’s owners, expressed frustration, stating that Starbucks has now targeted their words as well. Although the family won the clothing battle within the same litigation case, they lost the coffee battle.

This prolonged legal battle has taken its toll on the family, and Sarah Hamilton admits that it has been a challenging and scary time for them. However, she emphasizes their determination to continue fighting for their local business, as many small businesses have not survived the challenges of the pandemic.

Supporting Small Businesses

Despite the hardships they face, the Hamilton family is grateful for the support from their local community. They understand that supporting small businesses is not always convenient, but it means a lot to them. They are committed to staying strong and persevering, regardless of how long the legal battle may last.

In conclusion, the trademark dispute between Mountains and Mermaids and Starbucks exemplifies the need for tools like AI legalese decoder to empower small businesses when facing legal challenges. With the assistance of AI technology, businesses can gain a better understanding of their legal rights and protect their intellectual property effectively.

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