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Auto Parts Store Owner Seeks to Open Adult Entertainment Venue

The owner of an auto parts store in Dayton’s Edgemont neighborhood has proposed a unique transformation of the property into a new adult entertainment venue. The establishment would feature nude exotic dancing and pole dancing, offering a legal and popular form of entertainment that currently does not exist anywhere in the city.

This innovative idea is the brainchild of DeQuan Heard, the owner of the auto sales business located at 1600 S. Broadway St. According to Heard, there is a lack of adult entertainment companies in Dayton, especially in the Edgemont district, and the addition of such a business would be highly beneficial.

However, despite the potential advantages, the project faces opposition from various neighbors, organizations, and the West Priority Land Use Board. Approval from the zoning authorities is required for the project to proceed.

This opposition is fueled by concerns about the negative impact on the neighborhood. Gina McFarlane-El, CEO of the nearby Five Rivers Health Centers, expressed her opposition, stating that the proposal would cheapen the neighborhood, diminish the value of neighboring homes, and undermine the significant efforts the community has made to improve the area.

Despite the opposition, Heard remains determined to transform his auto store into an adult theater, featuring live dancing and music performances, including exotic dancers and similar entertainment. Even though the auto parts store occupies only a fraction of the building, zoning variances will be required for the project to move forward. The store’s location in an industrial zoning district allows for adult entertainment businesses as a conditional use.

Situated near other commercial properties like a towing company and a cemetery, the 4,140-square-foot store is also in proximity to multiple residential properties. Moreover, the proposed adult entertainment facility falls within 500 feet of a residential district and lacks the required amount of parking. As a result, Heard is actively seeking zoning variances to address these concerns.

Heard argues that the Edgemont neighborhood is lacking in entertainment options, making his adult theater a valuable addition. He intends to implement stringent security measures and ensure responsible management to mitigate any potential public safety issues. Additionally, the establishment may enforce a minimum age restriction of 25 or older.

However, City of Dayton staff members are recommending denial of Heard’s conditional use and variance requests. Staff have raised concerns about the insufficient documentation provided by the applicant regarding security measures and the violation of the 500-feet distance requirement from a residential zoning district boundary. Furthermore, they anticipate increased noise and sound pollution as a result of the project.

Despite these objections, Edgemont has experienced significant recent investments and is building momentum, according to Caitlin Jacob, project manager with CityWide. Jacob believes that introducing an adult entertainment venue in close proximity to a residential district would undermine the progress and growth the neighborhood has achieved.

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