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Heatwave Sweeps the Coast, Affecting Daily Life and Business

LEWES, Del. – The current heatwave has brought scorching temperatures along the coast, making life uncomfortable for residents and impacting businesses. With temperatures soaring into the high 90’s, people are feeling the oppressive heat.

One summer visitor, Liz Staber, describes the conditions as shocking, with the air feeling heavy and stifling against the skin. This exceptional heat is unlike what the region is accustomed to, according to Dr. Paul Sierzenski, the Chief Physician Executive at Beebe Healthcare. He remarks on the extremely high heat index accompanying this weather.

The Impact on Businesses

Restaurants that offer outdoor seating are experiencing a decline in customers braving the heat. Owen Anderson, manager of Grain on the Rocks in Lewes, notes the decrease in visitors during morning, afternoon, and evening hours. As the sun beats down relentlessly, people naturally seek shelter in indoor seating areas.

The extreme temperatures are also affecting local events. The Milton Farmers Market, for instance, had to cancel its activities recently due to safety concerns. Threasa Brittingham, the market’s facilitator, explained that the decision was made to protect older customers and vendors who have no shade to retreat to. The heat and sun exposure for over three hours can damage products, making it untenable to hold the market.

Safety Concerns for the Vulnerable

In light of the ongoing heatwave, it is crucial for vulnerable populations, such as the elderly and children, to take precautions and stay safe. Brittingham urges them to walk during cooler hours in the early mornings or evenings and to stay indoors during the peak heat of the day.

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