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**France Prepares to Evacuate Citizens from Niger Amidst Crisis and Coup**

NIAMEY, Niger (AP) — France is making arrangements to evacuate French and European nationals from Niger following a military coup that gained support from three other West African nations. The French Foreign Ministry in Paris has cited recent violence against the French Embassy in Niamey as one of the reasons for the decision. With the closure of Niger’s airspace, citizens are unable to leave the country by their own means.

Amidst a deepening crisis sparked by the coup against Niger’s democratically elected president, Mohamed Bazoum, France has announced the start of the evacuation for French and European citizens who wish to leave. The French ministry estimates that several hundred French citizens are currently in Niger. In anticipation of the evacuation, individuals have packed their bags and are awaiting news on when and where the evacuation will take place.

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The West African regional body known as ECOWAS has announced travel and economic sanctions against Niger, including freezing Nigerien assets and suspending commercial and financial transactions with member states. The military governments of Mali and Burkina Faso have also expressed their support for Niger’s junta and denounced the ECOWAS economic sanctions.

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Niger’s coup is expected to have far-reaching consequences, including the emboldening of jihadi violence, increased recruitment, and threats to regional stability. The coup has received support from jihadi groups, who see the military overthrow as an opportunity to weaken the army and advance their own agendas.

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