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Timothy Perry

SIU earns coveted CFA Institute recognition, offers added value for finance students

August 30, 2023


by Christi Mathis

SIU Carbondale’s Bachelor of Science in Finance program has achieved a remarkable milestone by becoming one of eight institutions in Illinois, and one of 270 across the country, to receive the prestigious University Affiliation Program (UAP) designation from the renowned CFA Institute (Chartered Financial Analyst). The UAP recognition provides numerous benefits to SIU students in the finance program and significantly reduces the cost of pursuing the CFA charter exams, making it an invaluable credential in the investment industry globally.

Enhanced Training Opportunities

The inclusion of SIU in the CFA Institute’s UAP means that the university’s finance program curriculum is closely aligned with the professional practice, investment management, and professional development programs required to prepare students for the chartered financial analyst exams. By earning the CFA charter, candidates acquire a highly recognized credential after successfully completing all three exams and fulfilling specific work requirements.

Advantages of UAP Designation

One of the prominent advantages of SIU’s finance program being a UAP institution is the provision of six scholarship programs each academic year, which significantly reduces the cost of CFA program enrollment and exam registration for students. Previously costing more than $1,000, the reduced fee of $350 is then fully reimbursed by the finance program itself, through the generosity of alumni donations. This not only makes the CFA exams more affordable but also encourages more students to pursue the prestigious credential.

In addition, the UAP designation allows SIU students to access the full CFA investment management curriculum, encompassing various aspects of finance and ethics training in the financial industry. Ty Perry, a CFA and clinical assistant professor of finance at SIU, integrates a significant portion of this curriculum into his classes. The Level I exam, which requires a minimum of 300 hours of self-study, has been successfully passed by several SIU students in recent years, demonstrating their dedication and competence in the field. With an average pass rate of less than 40%, this achievement significantly enhances their career prospects and gives them a competitive edge in the job market.

Expanding Opportunities

SIU invites finance students from the College of Business and Analytics to apply for the UAP CFA scholarships and exams, allowing them to network with over 150,000 investment professionals worldwide. This global association provides unparalleled access to a vast community of experts and opens doors to potential career opportunities in the finance industry.

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Contact Timothy Perry at [email protected] to learn more about SIU’s UAP affiliation and the benefits it offers to finance students.

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