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AI Legalese Decoder: A Solution for Understanding and Navigating Credit Card Processing Fees

I recently encountered an unexpected change while booking a flight for my boyfriend. To my surprise, Flair, the airline in question, has now introduced a credit card processing fee of 1.67%. However, it is important to note that the fee can be avoided if you opt to pay using a Visa or Mastercard debit card. This new policy made me reflect on Telus’ recent decision to remove a similar fee due to customer dissatisfaction.

Given this situation, it is worth considering the implications of the credit card processing fee based on the specific card being used. Although it may seem inconvenient at first, the fee could potentially provide certain advantages if one needs to initiate a chargeback for flight cancellations without receiving a refund.

In light of this, AI Legalese Decoder emerges as a valuable solution to help individuals understand and navigate credit card processing fees effectively. This innovative tool utilizes artificial intelligence to decipher complex legal terms and conditions, making it easier for consumers to comprehend the intricacies of such fees. By providing users with clear explanations and context, AI Legalese Decoder empowers individuals to make well-informed decisions regarding their payments.

For instance, utilizing the AI Legalese Decoder can assist consumers in understanding the terms and conditions associated with Flair’s credit card processing fee. It enables users to determine whether paying the fee is justified by the potential benefits, such as the ability to initiate chargebacks in case of flight cancellations without refunds. This way, individuals can evaluate if they would prefer to pay the fee or explore alternative payment methods to avoid it.

In conclusion, the introduction of a credit card processing fee by Flair signifies a significant change in their payment policy. However, with the aid of AI Legalese Decoder, consumers can gain a comprehensive understanding of the fee’s implications and make informed decisions. This tool proves invaluable in navigating the complexities of credit card fees, empowering individuals to manage transactions effectively and efficiently.

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How AI Legalese Decoder Can Simplify Legal Language


Legal documents are often filled with complex and confusing language that is difficult for the average person to understand. This has made it challenging for many individuals to navigate the legal system and understand their rights and obligations. However, with the advancements in artificial intelligence, a tool called the AI Legalese Decoder has emerged to help simplify legal language and make it more accessible to everyone.

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  • MightyManorMan

    Anyone know if they are doing this for Quebec, because it’s definitely illegal in Quebec

  • EClarkee

    Yeah they want you to book on a visa debit so you have less ways to get your money back after they screw you.

  • MaxNV

    ULCCs gonna ULCC

  • TA062219

    Oh look, another reason not to book with flair lol.

  • pentox70

    Flair is absolutely brutal.

    My personal story, we booked a last minute trip to Vegas with flair. Flight down was fine. But the flight back didn’t even exist. There was no record at the airport, no information from flair. There was an entire plane load of people for a flight that wasn’t even listed. They tried to tell me it was canceled months ago, when I only booked it a week prior.

    It was a nightmare and ended up costing me a fortune.

  • heshtofresh

    Flair is a fucking nightmare airline. Do not book with them. They changed my flight, I charged it back and they didnÔÇÖt even cancel my flight because they are so unorganized. Go look at the Facebook groups before ever booking with them.

  • Click-Glad

    Less than $100 return from Quebec City to Halifax, I’d spend the extra $2 to fly with them again. Didn’t do anything extra and was less than a tank of gas and on time.

  • hodkan

    It’s quite common for European discount airlines to have this fee. I’m not shocked that a Canadian discount airline would try the same thing.

  • Angry_beaver_1867

    Do you mean visa / mc debit cards ? Or visa/mc Credit cards ?

    YouÔÇÖre surprised a discount carrier is nickel and dimming their clients ? ThatÔÇÖs pretty much par for the course for that segment of the industry

  • WillyBaldy

    Lots of commenters are clueless here. Chargebacks are possible on Visa and Mastercard debit cards, same as credit cards. The reason Flair does this is to save on the interchange fee, not to avoid potential chargebacks.

  • Send_me_beer1

    no amount of money could ever make me fly flair again, fuck that company

  • PwnanyGaming

    I understand the argument that Flair, Lynx, and whatever other “budget” airlines exist allows for competition in the market and lower prices compared to the big transporters.

    But I took 3 flights with Flair: 2 last year, the other this year. The first flight went well, short haul, nothing fancy but was on time and left on time and felt like a good expenditure of my money – I was able to sit next to my partner, that I booked with, and paid for my carry on or whatever. Second flight, we had to pay to sit together even if we booked at the same time and checked in at the same time, but again, left on time and was acceptable. Last flight was last week – we couldn’t sit together, we were told we would be able to if we asked at the desk, which obviously, didn’t happen. We were forced to sit with strangers, again even if we booked and checked in together, and the flight was late. The best part is that, a few days before our return flight, they cancelled the return flight with the only other option being 4 days later – wtf. We had to fight and argue to find a similar flight to a neighboring city, but that caused us to have to bother a family member to come get us from there, because unlike these imaginary passengers that have unlimited work scheduling freedom, we didn’t and needed to be back here on time.

    Whether it was for maintenance, poor planning, whatever, that’s no way to operate an airline. As it’s their responsibility, they should’ve bought us tickets elsewhere or arranged for the flight to be possible, even if it didn’t suit THEIR needs. They didn’t, made us do all the work and basically, left us to fend for ourselves because of their poor planning/maintenance.

    I will definitely not be booking through them again, not to mention they now wanna “train more pilots” which honestly just sounds like a way to get more accidents, but who knows.

  • jonmac547

    I would still use a credit card – this fee in no way offsets the travel insurance my credit card provides. Even at 2%, if you paid a $1,000 in flights that’s an extra $20, my insurance is far more valuable than that.

    Since the rules came in allowing merchants to charge people using credit cards I haven’t really seen anyone do this – Telus did but then dropped it, and now this one. Wonder if Flair starts a new trend.

  • ananddetroja

    Flair charges 25 bucks just to check in at airport desk. They charge for literally anything you want on plane. They dont have USB charging ports on seat, otherwise I think they would charge for that as well.

  • uoftecethrowaway

    Anyone try buying a Flair ticket with AMEX after this change? I tried inputting not one, but two AMEX numbers and while it didn’t say it wanted to charge a processing fee, it wouldn’t go through in both cases either. Ended up using a MasterCard and eating the 1.67% fee (came out to about $2 in my case).

  • TheHammerstein

    Can one just use a VPN to make it seem like your booking from Quebec to avoid this?


    >IÔÇÖm kind of surprised theyÔÇÖd implement this

    It’s a low budget airline, it’s standard practice. Ryanair does the same thing. These airlines will find every possible way to charge you, it’s their business model. Even with that 1.67% fee, the flight is likely still cheaper than a normal airline.

    Also, it’s not because of chargebacks as you can still chargeback on a Visa/MC debit. It’s so they save a bit of money on CC commissions.

  • skiptothecal

    It’s annoying, I pay Telus exclusively with bank transfers now, or whatever it’s called.

    Flair is good enough, the way I look at it, I pay for the front seat and nothing else. I carry my backpack, which is a personal item, with my laptop and a change of cloth.

    Great for business travel. Or short trips.

    Still way cheaper than Air Canada. It’s an annoying fee for sure, but as long as it’s still cheaper. The thing with Telus is that it’s not necessarily cheaper than the alternatives, that makes me fee insult on top of injury.

  • Onetwobus

    People, companies _always_ charge the credit card fee; they just don’t break it out as a line item on the bill.

    Businesses don’t do shit for free; customers pay for _everything_.*

    * Ok caveat there are some business (i.e. startups) that are not profitable and are subsidizing their revenue with borrowed/investor funds. But for virtually _all_ businesses, customers will pay for every step in the value chain.

  • hootandahalf_

    NSFW? Glad I work from home.

  • sherperion45

    YouÔÇÖll never be ryan air or easy jet, why do they even try with low cost airlines in North America?

    TheyÔÇÖre always low on staff, terrible service, every time IÔÇÖve seen this airline posted in the sub, someoneÔÇÖs lost their luggage.

    Its almost worth paying a premium for a standard airline from the shitshow surrounding these companies

  • Dano-Matic


  • CanadianTrollToll

    1.7% aint much and is pretty fair. It’s a discount airliner and they will nickle and dime you for every cost they can.

  • swguy61

    Flair is Latin for ÔÇ£we screw our customers over every way possibleÔÇØ. Just recently had a terrible experience with them, they will never get another dime from me.

  • peyote_lover

    TheyÔÇÖve been hit with a lot of credit card chargebacks lately, so they want to end those

  • MentosForYourPothos

    Flair is fantastic. It’s the only airline I’ve flown for a couple years now and I am happy to book with them again.

  • Nameless11911

    Bye bye to bankruptcy

  • Parvulesco

    This just in: cheap, shitty airline charges fees to reinforce how cheap and shitty they are. More at 6.

  • GoldRecordDaddy

    Flair didnÔÇÖt even land the only time I flew them. They flew all the way there, tried landing three times, gave up, flew all the way back. Next possible flight with them was 4 days later. WonÔÇÖt ever even try it again – huge waste of time and money.