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CLINTON — First National Bank and Trust Co. and the DeWitt County Development Council are collaborating to organize a small-business pitch competition called REV, which aims to support local entrepreneurs. The competition offers aspiring business owners the opportunity to win up to $15,000. Application submissions are due by Friday, Sept. 15th, and the competition is open to residents of DeWitt County and the surrounding counties.

The selection process includes choosing up to five applicants who will pitch their business ideas in front of a panel on Thursday, Nov. 9th, at Clinton High School. This event will be free and open to the public. Each participant will have a maximum of 10 minutes to present their business concept, followed by a question and answer session from the panel of judges. The judges will evaluate the pitch, marketing strategies, personal investment level, and exit strategy.

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First National Bank and Trust Co. initiated this event in 2017 with the purpose of stimulating economic growth and promoting entrepreneurial spirit within the community. Interested individuals can apply for the competition by visiting the website For further inquiries, please contact 217-935-2148.

In other news, Clinton High School has chosen the theme “How it ends” for the state dance finals, evoking a bittersweet sentiment. Make sure to catch the performance of the small-town high school’s routine in the final rounds on Saturday.

Additionally, the Clinton boys basketball team has been diligently preparing with practice sessions led by head coach Vic Binkley. With a record of 24-7, they are just one win away from reaching the regional finals, which will be held on their home court. Mason Walker, the team’s point guard, has been impressive, averaging 14 points per game this season. The team has shown significant improvement this year, with an 8-1 record compared to last season’s 11-23 performance. Coach Vic Binkley, who previously spent 36 seasons with Warrensburg-Latham, has greatly contributed to the team’s progress. Dawson Graves, a first-team All-Central Illinois Conference selection last season, has been the leading scorer, averaging 17.5 points per game.

For more information about these basketball events, please contact Olivia Jacobs at 309-820-3352 or follow her on Twitter, @olivia___jacobs.

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legal-document-to-plain-english-translator/”>Try Free Now: Legalese tool without registration

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