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Sevier County Commission Approves New Short-Term Rental Household Garbage Site

The Sevier County Commission recently gave its approval to proceed with the construction of a new short-term rental household garbage site on Ridge Road. This decision was made after allowing Sevier County Mayor Larry Waters to negotiate a sublease with the Sevier County Fire Chief’s Association, who currently leases the property from Sevier Solid Waste Inc., a joint venture between Sevier County, Pigeon Forge, Sevierville, and Gatlinburg.

Addressing the Need for a Short-Term Rental Site

Mayor Waters highlighted that discussions on the topic of a short-term rental site had taken place in both the special solid waste committee and the Intergovernmental Committee. He emphasized that the new site, located in the Center View area, was a result of these discussions and multiple meetings.

Expanding on the Plans for the Present Site

Prior to the commission meeting, the Special Solid Waste Committee held a meeting to deliberate on the plans for the current site. This included considering the inclusion of additional compactors. Mayor Waters informed the commission that more details regarding this short-term rental disposal site would be presented in their September meeting, clarifying any remaining queries or concerns.

Establishing a Fee Schedule and the Future

Earlier this year, the county commission established a comprehensive fee schedule applicable to short-term rental household garbage sites within the county. In addition, the idea of opening the county’s first short-term rental household garbage collection site at the Ridge Road location in fall 2023 was also introduced. The purpose of this site is to cater specifically to short-term rental properties that rely on small cleaning companies or subcontractors for the disposal of bagged household garbage. The plan includes offering expanded hours, including during holidays. Furthermore, the county is actively exploring other potential sites throughout Gatlinburg and surrounding areas for the collection of short-term rental garbage.

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