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FREE Legal Document translation

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  • Ok_Map3774

    Not in anyway that’s healthy. I don’t like talking about my issues, so I shoved it down and sucked it up. Don’t be like me.

  • JohnBarleyMustDie

    Writing about it was awful. Mine was for PTSD, but adjustment disorder. Had to take a lot of breaks and clear my head.

  • Exciting-Ad2684

    I got out in 2007 and could never get through the filing process because of this. So, I took a different approach and didn’t mention specifics in my submission. Instead, my record shows multiple combat deployments, and I submitted award letters that covered what I had been through. 70% just for PTSD.

  • piper33245

    The whole process of claiming ptsd was awful. Writing statements, getting buddy statements, reviewing dates and records, going to the c&p. And then having to do a supplemental claim immediately after, essentially doing it all over again. I swear I have ptsd from my ptsd.

  • tree-trunk-arms

    Yep had a horrible breakdown last night glad I didn’t get hospitalized

  • Capital_Rock_4928

    Oh yeah. And during the c & p. Had the examiner wiping her eyes

  • The-Great-Scot

    It’s a horrible process. I had repressed so much of it that my buddy had to tell me many details that I had forgotten
    I don’t think anyone can go through the process and not be affected by it

  • Mammoth-Brilliant-80

    I found therapy made it worse cause they want you to talk about it it’s better for me to not do therapy but doing the therapy at least helped my rating increase a little, I tried I guess that is all that mattwrs

  • TeamSnake1

    It bothered me, but I like writing. That made WET pretty interesting (written exposure therapy). Real talk, I could even taste the damn sunflower seeds as I wrote about them.
    You basically spend sessions writing about any and everything you can remember from a particular event. Long story short, it did reveal something I hadn’t thought about, and did help, but also led to many sessions ending in waves of emotions

  • hairbear1390

    Yeah not fun. Especially when you have to repeat it twenty times

  • BobWithCheese69

    Reliving hell is hell.

  • Early_Potato6688

    The bestest was going through a c&p exam with someone cold as hell. She asked for all sorts of details and then, oh we’re done, good bye. I sat in my truck for an hour before I was ready to drive home. Over the years I’ve learned to incorporate mindfulness practices through out the day. While I can’t fully check out and do a full mindful routine I try to remember the mindset I have while doing so. While I’m pissed off at some asshole that cut me off on the highway I can’t just stop and meditate on the spot. I can however remind myself that that “I can’t control what others do around me but I CAN control how I respond.” I used to think that mantras like that were gimmicks created by self help guru authors but I now find myself telling myself that daily. It’s something little and costs me nothing to do but it helps. If me writing this helps even one person, then this was worth it. Know that you’re not alone in the feelings you have and there are many avenues of support.

  • Extinct1234

    Is there anybody you have opened up to? Anybody you feel you can trust to help you or just be there for you to help ground you? 

    You don’t have to get through it all at once. Maybe try voice recording yourself and have somebody else you trust transcribe it? 

    Baby steps. It took me years to work up the confidence to file, and it took probably another year to actually get all my ducks in a row to submit, including many attempts over months on the personal statement for the stressors. 

    I got through it, it wasn’t easy or pretty, but I’m still here and I’m rated now.

  • Dehyak

    Not a full-on flashback, but faces and feelings came back which brought on some tears. It was my rage to get compensation for the bullshit that comes with PTSD that really kept me motivated and focused to finish

  • exploding_something

    I didn’t have any issues while writing my statement.. think I got myself in the right state of mind before thinking about it, before writing about it…

    Did have a panic attack at work over the same stressor though

    Opened a random claim in my work queue, claim for PTSD. Read their statement, was the exact same event I wrote about. Guess they were in my unit, I didn’t know this guy but he named the exact soldier and event, who was killed in action.

    Guess the fact that I wasn’t expecting to have to deal with that issue took me by surprise. Had to have my supervisor reassign that case and took the rest of the day off, I couldn’t work.

  • Ok_Television3715

    Had my c&p examiner ask me a bunch of questions regarding it.

    I could feel tears starting to form as I talked… was rough.

    I just kinda held back though my eyes apparently got bright red.

  • Sinner51

    One of the best things I ever did was keep a copy of my statement from the 15-6 investigation that followed my stressor event. 3-4 very descriptive pages that I haven’t read in 15 years… I simply submitted it with my claim and never actually read it. My C&P examiner commented about how well articulated an detailed it was. I simply replied with that’s cool, I haven’t read it in a long time. Ended up with 70% rating after that.

  • flacidfeline

    It was a friggin mental marathon. I was exhausted afterward. On a positive note, it paid off to do the hard work. 100% P&T

  • Fantastic_Baker9940

    Almost 25 years of trying to bury it. Worst mistake I ever made. Therapy and medicine help. The stressor was very difficult. I would suggest privacy and quiet. Don’t be too far from your support either. Also, it doesn’t have to be written all at once. It might sound counterintuitive to spread it out, but for me it helped. It kept me from taking a deep dive to that dark place, made it “easier” to come out of it. The more difficult part is the C&P. That is really going to hurt.

  • TransRational

    ‘We’re going to need you to completely fall apart and re-traumatize so we can be sure you’re not faking it. Mkay? Thanks.’ – the VA

  • Electronic-Ice-7606

    I have flashbacks just standing around sometimes. Therapy and meds definitely help.

  • playa-hater

    I speed ran it all to get it over with. Probably fucked myself in the exam but it’s all good

  • Zestyclose_Score7891

    it took me several months and i wrote a little bit at a time while sitting in my therapists office

  • Ok_Needleworker_9537

    I didn’t have to write it but I had to talk about it, and NGL, almost cried, but held it together long enough to get through it. 

  • TheRealNikoBravo

    I vividly remember my event. I can remember things that wouldn’t seem to matter to anyone on a normal day. Memory is crazy that way.

  • garand_guy7

    This was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. I’m doing my claim I had to dig up a bunch of stuff to include pictures and it really rocked me. The therapy I’ve been going to has helped though and I’m hoping one day I can think back on some of this stuff without freaking out

  • TeKneek24

    A friend of mine called me up after he got out of his balling his eyes out as he should! Everything just got relived in his head and he was losing it emotionally and mentally and it was terrible but I was there to clear his head and get him through it, he’s extremely suicidal and even though some of us have gotten the 100% rating it kind of helps but not really he’s still super suicidal even though he got his 100% rating because of all the trauma he’s been through… it helps, but money doesn’t make your mental health normal again…

  • ChevTecGroup

    No joke just had this happen today. Been working on my “survey” for my VSO for the last week or so. Figured I’d write a bunch down during lunch and had a whole lot of memories and feelings flooding back.

  • Subtacular

    Not so much the statement, as I had seemed to compartmentalize it, which was a big mistake.

    The C&P’s were some of the worst experiences of my life. I was NOT ok for a few weeks after them.

  • Omegalazarus

    Yes. I cried at my cp exam. I tried not to.

  • Delicious_Cow7476

    After 10 years I decided to say fuck it and be honest with them. Now, almost a year later, I’m trying to package all that shit back up in the box I opened to move on with my life again. My relationship with my wife and daughter hasn’t been the greatest since. The only plus is I finally got rated accurately for ptsd (100%). I’m just looking back now and questioning if it was really worth it.

  • DisastrousAct3210

    Yes I do. I hired an attorney specifically because of this issue. The problem is my contracted attorney didn’t understand US Code Title 38 subsection 101 (22),(23),and (23). Because of this snafu my contracted attorney didn’t submit relevant ORDERS to the VA.

    Four years later, at my hearing, I fired my attorney in front of the VBA Judge.

    Now I’m in purgatory.

    My appeal is being reviewed by a Judge. Since 10 May 2024.

  • hoffet

    I didn’t get through it, it got through with me if you want me to be honest.

  • mizphill

    I don’t have a good answer for you. I literally broke down and had to take 2 weeks off work. I was a mess. I only made it through with the help and support of my family and the local Vet Center.

  • ThrowawayLDS_7gen

    Anytime I talk about it.

  • cheddarsox

    Fuck this. Fuck the post. Fuck the requirement for the post and anyone who thinks it’s a good idea. Just fuck!

  • Dry_Letter8242

    I had some issues but had the foresight to have my therapist present when I completed my statement.

  • IrishWithoutPotatoes

    I just had to talk to a shrink via teams for about an hour. Basically zero typing involved. I felt bad enough recounting the stuff verbally, doing it via text would have sucked ass.

  • OkTea6969

    This is when ChatGPT or other AI comes in handy

  • Swansaknight

    I went 20 years before I even hinted at shit. I went inpatient very quickly after opening up. I felt like I was completely naked and vulnerable.