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BLACKSBURG, Va. (WFXR) ÔÇö Virginia Tech Veterinary Teaching Hospital (VTH) is taking a unique approach to medical care for pets with its blood bank program. Just like humans, pets occasionally require blood for various medical conditions and injuries. The Director of VTH, Raeann Foster, emphasizes the importance of having an available blood supply to save the lives of pets in need.

The Veterinary Teaching Hospital blood bank plays a vital role in providing essential blood for dogs and cats. However, the hospital is currently facing a need for more donors. They are reaching out to furry friends owned by students, faculty, staff, and the community to participate in the program.

One of the hospital’s employees, Tiffany Luci, who works as an Emergency Veterinary Technician, quickly recognized the impact of the blood bank and enrolled two of her cats as donors. She understands the demand for cat blood in emergency situations and felt compelled to contribute. Luci’s cats are well-behaved and comfortable in the hospital environment, making them ideal candidates for donation.

The blood bank program ensures the health of donors through regular blood work, preventative measures, and vaccines. A single donation can potentially save more than one life, as the blood is separated into packed red blood cells and plasma. Additionally, frozen plasma can be used for research purposes and treating diseases such as parvovirus in puppies.

To become a dog or cat donor, animals must meet age and weight requirements and pass health screenings. Their temperament is also a crucial factor in the success of the program. The hospital welcomes all breeds and mixes, as long as they meet the necessary criteria. During critical times, the hospital may contact donors for emergency blood draws.

Enrolled pets receive various benefits, including annual exams, vaccinations, and preventatives. The program aims to raise awareness about the importance of pet blood donors, as people often overlook this aspect of medical care.

The blood bank is actively recruiting cats and dogs to participate in the donor program. Interested owners can fill out an online application to begin the screening process. Further information about the program can be found on the Virginia Tech Veterinary Teaching Hospital website.

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