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IMPT: A Stand-Out Crypto Project in 2023 with Rewards for Affiliates

IMPT, a groundbreaking crypto project, has been gaining immense popularity in 2023, especially with its affiliate programs. These programs allow participants to earn rewards while promoting environmental sustainability. IMPT has recently introduced its Retail Partnership Network for its Planet’s Loyalty Program and an IMPT Loyalty Member staking program, both of which offer attractive rewards to participants. Entrepreneurs are rushing to get involved in these programs, making them the hottest affiliate programs in the sector.

Promoting Environmental Sustainability with IMPT

IMPT is an ecosystem that connects socially responsible brands with businesses and individuals looking to reduce their carbon footprint. It provides an intuitive platform for purchasing and earning carbon credits, helping users make a positive impact on the environment. One of its innovative solutions is the newly launched Shopping Platform, where shoppers are rewarded with carbon credits for their purchases. With over 10,000 popular brands already onboarded, including Amazon and Alibaba, users can earn 3% in Carbon Credits when they shop on Amazon through the IMPT Shopping Platform. These credits can be used to finance sustainable projects or reduce their carbon footprint.

Planet’s Loyalty Program and Global Rollout Network

IMPT has also launched the Planet’s Loyalty Program, where shoppers can earn carbon credit rewards when shopping at local retailers. To expand this program, IMPT has introduced its Global Rollout Network, which includes a retail partnership network. The network allows businesses and retailers to join the Planet’s Loyalty Program without the need to create their own loyalty system. By becoming a part of this network, retailers can gain exposure to environmentally conscious shoppers who are dedicated to supporting businesses that share their ethos. The network offers a seamless setup process, improved customer understanding, and no setup fee, making it an attractive choice for retailers.

Entrepreneurs Can Promote the Planet’s Loyalty Program

IMPT’s Global Rollout Network offers a revolutionary partnership program for entrepreneurs to promote the Planet’s Loyalty Program to new retailers. Entrepreneurs can become country and area partners, earning commissions, shopping margins, and even IMPT merchandise. They play a crucial role in establishing relationships with retailers in local areas, encouraging them to join the retail partnership network. Skilled entrepreneurs with marketing, negotiation, and relationship-building experience can take advantage of this program to earn substantial rewards.

Earning Rewards through IMPT Loyalty Membership

Apart from the retail partnership network, holders of the IMPT token can also earn rewards by becoming an IMPT Loyalty Member and staking their tokens. The rewards and earning engine provides sustainable incentives for stakers, allowing them to support the Planet’s Loyalty Program. Stakers have three tiers of membership – Silver, Gold, and Platinum – each offering different rewards based on the number of IMPT tokens locked. These rewards range from 10% to 17% APY, with additional perks such as free carbon credits.

Why IMPT is the Best Affiliate Program in Crypto

IMPT stands out as one of the best affiliate programs in the crypto industry due to its focus on promoting a sustainable future while offering substantial incentives. The onboarding process for retailers is simple and convenient, making it easy for them to join the program. Skilled entrepreneurs have the opportunity to earn significant rewards by onboarding new retailers, creating a win-win situation for everyone involved. Additionally, stakers can earn sustainable APY and receive carbon credits, contributing to the sustainable development of the planet.

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