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Strawberry Ice Cream Pie: A Beloved Tradition at the Georgia Center for Continuing Education & Hotel


The University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education & Hotel is renowned for its strawberry ice cream pie, a delightful dessert that has been a highlight of their menu since the 1960s. This iconic pie, with its swirl of red and white atop a coconut crust, has become a beloved tradition for many people across the state of Georgia.

The Importance of the Dessert

Darrell Goodman, the director of food and beverage at the Georgia Center, emphasizes the significance of this dessert, stating, “I can’t begin to explain just how important this dessert is to so many people across the state of Georgia.” This sentiment is echoed by Amanda Hannah, the president of the Georgia County Clerks Association (GCCA), who says that every clerk looks forward to the famous strawberry pie when they attend the annual conference at the Georgia Center. The dessert has become an integral part of the conference experience, with new clerks eagerly asking if the iconic strawberry ice cream pie will be served.

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The Origin of the Dessert

The strawberry ice cream pie was actually created out of a swift problem-solving situation. Due to an ordering mishap, the kitchen staff from the Savannah Room ended up with 600 pounds of coconut instead of the required 60 pounds. In response, the chefs devised a recipe for a macaroon crust and topped it with strawberry swirl ice cream from the UGA Creamery. The finishing touch was a meringue. Retired baker Luetrell Sims perfected the dessert, and her influence can still be seen in the double knife method she devised to slice the thick frozen dessert.

Finding a New Supplier

This year presented a new challenge for the Georgia Center when the supplier of the strawberry ripple ice cream, Greenwood Creamery, closed down. The UGA Creamery had already stopped ice cream production, so a new source had to be found. Fortunately, the Georgia Center found a perfect solution right in their own backyard. They partnered with Rock House Creamery, a family-owned and operated business with strong ties to UGA. The Kelly family, who runs Rock House Creamery, are all UGA alumni, and their expertise and commitment to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients align perfectly with the values of the Georgia Center.

The Impact of the Partnership

The partnership between the Georgia Center and Rock House Creamery not only ensures a continued supply of the famous strawberry ripple ice cream but also demonstrates the power of collaboration and community. The Georgia Center Executive Chef Rob Harrison emphasizes the value of this partnership, stating, “The strawberry ice cream pie is more than just a delicious dessert. It’s a symbol of the Georgia Center and UGA.” By working together, both entities not only uphold a cherished tradition but also support local small businesses like Rock House Creamery, further strengthening the community.


The strawberry ice cream pie holds a special place in the hearts of many people in Georgia. It is a dessert that represents tradition, collaboration, and community. With the assistance of the AI legalese decoder, the Georgia Center and the GCCA can streamline their legal processes and ensure clear communication between all parties involved. This, combined with the partnership between the Georgia Center and Rock House Creamery, guarantees the continued enjoyment of this beloved dessert for years to come.

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