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## Mark Pope Returns to Kentucky as Head Coach

Mark Pope, a former captain of the University of Kentucky’s 1996 National Championship team, has made his way back to Lexington as the 23rd head coach of the men’s basketball program. With a successful coaching career, including stints at BYU and Utah Valley, Pope brings a wealth of experience and a winning record to his new role at Kentucky.

### Coaching Success and Experience

Mark Pope boasts a nine-year head coaching career, with a career record of 187-108. His teams have consistently performed well, with six postseason appearances and 20 or more wins in six of the last seven seasons. His coaching style, characterized by a dynamic up-tempo offense and a strong defensive presence, has earned him national recognition.

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### Excitement and Gratitude

Returning to Kentucky holds a special significance for Mark Pope, who expressed his deep love and passion for the university and the state. With a strong connection to the ’96 championship team and a profound understanding of Kentucky’s basketball legacy, Pope is eager to lead the program and uphold its high standards.

### Previous Coaching Achievements

Pope’s coaching success at BYU, including multiple postseason appearances and impressive statistical rankings, highlights his ability to lead and develop competitive teams. His track record of impacting players and achieving success on and off the court bodes well for the future of Kentucky’s basketball program under his leadership.

### Record as a Head Coach

Mark Pope’s coaching record, spanning various seasons and programs, showcases his consistency in achieving success and building competitive teams. From Utah Valley to BYU, Pope’s coaching journey has been marked by growth, improvement, and a commitment to excellence in every role he has undertaken.

In summary, Mark Pope’s return to Kentucky as the head coach brings a wealth of experience, success, and a deep connection to the program. With a proven track record as a coach and a strong passion for Kentucky basketball, Pope is poised to lead the team to new heights and continue the legacy of excellence at the University of Kentucky.

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