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Fortune Favors Nuts: A Success Story

COTTAGE GROVE, Wis. — Leadership of a Madison-area company is traveling to Washington D.C. this month to attend the U.S. Small Business Administration’s “Small Business Persons of the Year Award” ceremony.

What You Need To Know

  • Fortune Favors Nuts is in the running for the prestigious award after winning the title in Wisconsin
  • The company began its journey at a small shop on Atwood Avenue in Madison in 2018
  • Now operating out of larger headquarters in Cottage Grove, Fortune Favors produces about 200,000 pounds of candied pecans annually
  • CEO Sam McDaniel expresses gratitude for the unexpected growth and success of the company

The company is thrilled to be considered for the national award after receiving recognition in Wisconsin.

Fortune Favors started as a small venture on Atwood Avenue, where all its delicious candied pecans were meticulously made by hand.

However, the company has come a long way in five years, now boasting a spacious headquarters in Cottage Grove. CEO Sam McDaniel reflects on the extraordinary growth of the business.

Thanks to the dedication and support of less than 20 employees, Fortune Favors transitioned to a larger production space a couple of years ago. To adapt to the challenges posed by the pandemic, the company expanded its online sales and market reach beyond state borders.

“We’re proud to announce that we will be crafting approximately 200,000 pounds of candied pecans this year alone,” McDaniel shared. “Our customer base extends throughout the entire country.”

In addition to their signature pecan flavors, Fortune Favors now offers innovative products like “Eric’s Up North Trail Mix” and “Magic Bars.” McDaniel hints at more exciting flavors in the pipeline, as loyal customers have been involved in the taste-testing process.

Major grocery chain Whole Foods has recognized the quality of Fortune Favors products and now stocks them in selected stores nationwide. McDaniel attributes much of the brand’s success to the unwavering support of the Midwest community.

“Our most loyal customers reside in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, as well as nearby metropolitan areas,” he noted. “Their support has been instrumental in our journey.”

McDaniel acknowledges that without this loyal fan base, Fortune Favors would not have received the national recognition it enjoys today.

“We are truly grateful for the acknowledgment and support from those who understand and appreciate our work,” he expressed. “Receiving praise for our pecans always brings us joy.”

The company’s ultimate goal is to establish a national presence while remaining grounded in its local roots.

“We are committed to maintaining our local impact and preserving the legacy of where it all began,” McDaniel affirmed. “Our people and community hold a special place in our hearts.”

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