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Narcan: An Over-the-Counter Solution to the Opioid Epidemic

Narcan, the overdose-reversing medicine, is poised to become an over-the-counter product, providing a glimmer of hope in the battle against fentanyl and other opioids. Alexander Lavake, the Drug Prevention Coordinator with Lane County Public Health, expressed optimism about this development. He highlighted that advocates and public health officials have long wished for easier access to Narcan, as it reduces the barrier of needing a prescription.

Starting from early September, retail stores such as Walgreens and Walmart will stock Narcan. Priced at around $45 per carton, each holding two doses, its availability will prove crucial in countering the opioid epidemic. The medicine’s nasal spray form, naloxone, has the important effect of restoring breathing during an overdose. Furthermore, Lane County will continue distributing Narcan for free through programs like CAHOOTS.

By eliminating the need for doctor prescriptions or facing stigmatization, the accessibility of Narcan will make a significant impact. Lavake stressed that this change arrives at a pivotal moment as fentanyl and other illicit substances continue to saturate the streets. The hope is that by having Narcan readily available on store shelves, awareness of the opioid crisis will increase.

Lane County Public Health has actively partnered with law enforcement and educators for years to address this crisis. The increased accessibility of Narcan makes their job a bit easier, but it does not mean they will become complacent. Lavake emphasized the importance of continued education and awareness campaigns like As Narcan becomes more widespread, he encouraged individuals to have conversations with their loved ones about drug use.

One individual, Jayce Hall, who works as a peer mentor at Restored Connections Peer Center, shared his personal experience with Narcan. He revealed that he once administered it to reverse an overdose and save a person’s life. Hall underscored the significance of Narcan training, as it equipped him with the knowledge to act swiftly and effectively. He firmly believes that making Narcan more accessible is long overdue and will undoubtedly save more lives.

Hall, stemming from his firsthand encounter with drug addiction, is well aware of the devastating impact of opioids. At the peer center, he witnesses people from all walks of life seeking help, as drug addiction knows no boundaries. Hall finds solace in knowing that he contributes to combating this crisis and appreciates having Narcan readily available at the center.

An important aspect of addressing the fentanyl crisis is destigmatizing drug use. However, Hall has reservations about whether easy access to Narcan will achieve this goal. While it may not alleviate the stigma entirely, he firmly believes that making Narcan more readily available will unquestionably reduce the number of lives lost to overdoses.

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