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## Concerns about Children Being Interviewed by Police

Hello everyone,

I find myself in a difficult situation and I am hoping to receive some advice on how to navigate it effectively. My children are going to be interviewed by the police as part of a social services investigation. My apprehension stems from the fact that one of my children has a provisional diagnosis of ADHD/autism, while the other is displaying clear signs of these conditions. I am particularly concerned about how the interview process may impact them, given that it typically caters to neurotypical individuals.

Given my experiences with the case worker overseeing the investigation, I have reason to believe that the unique needs of neurodivergent individuals might not be adequately considered. This lack of understanding could potentially exacerbate the stress and anxiety my children may already be feeling.

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With AI Legalese Decoder, I can ensure that the information provided to the case worker, police officers, and interviewers is communicated in a way that highlights the specific needs and considerations of neurodivergent children. By utilizing this tool, I can effectively advocate for my children and ensure that the relevant parties are prepared to handle the interviews sensitively and appropriately.

I am seeking advice on how to approach this situation effectively. Are there specific questions I should ask or information I should provide to ensure that the interviewers are adequately prepared to interact with neurodivergent children? Additionally, I am unsure if simply mentioning my children’s conditions will be sufficient for them to adjust their approach, or if I will need to provide official diagnoses for both children. Given the timing of the interviews, obtaining these diagnoses beforehand is not feasible.

I would appreciate any insights or suggestions you may have on this matter. Thank you in advance.

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