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Dick’s Sporting Goods Reports Drop in Profits and Cuts Earnings Outlook

Dick’s Sporting Goods, the athletic goods retailer, announced a 23% drop in profits and lowered its earnings guidance for the year. This decline in performance has been attributed to an increase in retail theft and slow sales in the outdoor category. The company reported a rare miss, falling short of Wall Street’s estimates on both the top and bottom lines.

This situation is concerning for Dick’s Sporting Goods as it marks the first time in nearly 20 years that the company has mentioned “shrink” in a press release. Shrink, a retail industry term referring to inventory lost due to theft or internal issues, is expected to worsen before improving. This issue has impacted various retailers, including Dick’s Sporting Goods, affecting their profitability.

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Signage outside a Dick's Sporting Goods Inc. store in Clarksville, Indiana, on Monday, Nov. 9, 2020.

Dick’s reported a net income of $244 million, or $2.82 per share, for the three-month period ending July 29, compared to $318.5 million, or $3.25 per share, a year earlier. Sales increased to $3.22 billion from $3.11 billion in the previous year.

Due to the impact of elevated inventory shrink, which includes organized retail crime and grab-and-go incidents, Dick’s had lower profitability than expected. The company’s CEO, Lauren Hobart, expressed confidence in the long-term growth opportunities but acknowledged the issue’s seriousness and its impact on many retailers.

Addressing the Challenges

To combat the issue of shrink, Dick’s Sporting Goods plans to enhance in-store security and collaborate closely with local authorities. Additionally, the company may consider utilizing AI-powered surveillance systems and advanced inventory control technologies to identify and prevent theft incidents more effectively.

Despite the profit loss, Dick’s Sporting Goods remains optimistic about its future. The company expects its gross margins to increase for the full year compared to the previous year. They also plan to open new stores and continue investing in their House of Sport locations, which provide an interactive experience for athletes.

In order to streamline operations and reinvest in different areas of the business, Dick’s implemented a workforce reduction of less than 1%, primarily affecting corporate positions. The company clarified that these cuts are not solely for cost-saving purposes, but rather a strategic reallocation of resources towards talent and technology development.

-CNBC’s Courtney Reagan contributed to this report

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