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No, don’t worry, you haven’t accidentally clicked on the wrong live blog, it’s still July (although the weather at the moment is certainly doing its best to convince you otherwise).

### Christmas Market Organiser Steps Down Over Safety Concerns

But in Oxford, attentions are already turning to the festive celebrations at the end of the year, as a row has broken out over a cycle lane running through the middle of the city’s Christmas market – which has prompted the market’s organiser to step down from her role over “safety fears”.

The cycle lane runs between the two public spaces where the market will take place on Broad Street, and will be separated from the tat and kangaroo meat-filled stalls. Visitors to the market will be able to move between each side through informal crossing areas, Oxford City Council has said.

Last year, the county council closed the bike lane and installed a diversion route for cyclists while the market was in place. However, it says that the alternative route will not be possible this coming Christmas.

The news that Oxford’s Christmas market will also play host to a working bike lane has led Nicole Rahimi, who has managed the festivities for the past 14 years, to step down from her role, a decision she claims is down to “safety fears” for pedestrians and cyclists.

“I’m devastated for all the traders, charities, and local businesses. This marks the end of my business, which existed to put on this festive market every year,” she told the Oxford Mail.

“In the end I had to put cyclists and pedestrians’ safety first.”

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