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Flamingo Finance Launches New Roadmap for 2023

Flamingo Finance, a leading platform in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space, has recently unveiled a comprehensive roadmap outlining its plans for 2023. This roadmap aims to provide users with clear expectations and insights into the project’s future development and innovations.

The updated roadmap showcases various community-requested features that Flamingo Finance plans to implement throughout the year. These include an updated version of its on-chain orderbook, a JavaScript software development kit (SDK) for seamless Flamingo interactions, and an expansion of their marketing objectives to reach a wider audience.

Looking back at the achievements of 2022, Flamingo Finance successfully launched several enhancements. These include the introduction of reverse pools, OneGate mobile wallet support, v1 of the on-chain orderbook, advanced trading facilities, and the launch of the FUSD stablecoin.

Building on the progress made in 2022, Flamingo Finance has prioritized improving the user experience and onboarding process. In the first half of 2023, they focused on launching Flamingo Lend, a new feature that allows users to lend and borrow assets. Additionally, the team has actively engaged in marketing initiatives through their Ambassador Program and increased participation in public crypto events.

Over the next six months, Flamingo Finance aims to introduce new supported assets, an auction feature for project tokens, and an easy-to-use payment widget called Flamingo Pay. This payment widget will seamlessly integrate with popular e-commerce websites, enabling users to make hassle-free transactions. Furthermore, developers seeking to integrate Flamingo functionality into their applications will have the option to use Flamingo Pay or an upcoming JavaScript library to facilitate token swaps and payments for their users.

Flamingo Finance also has ambitious plans for its marketing activities throughout the year. To further increase their reach, they intend to recruit influencers, launch additional advertising campaigns, and provide new user guides with video tutorials.

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To learn more about Flamingo Finance’s roadmap and upcoming developments, you can read the original announcement here.

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