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Announcement of Julio Frenk as the Next Chancellor of UCLA

Julio Frenk, a distinguished Mexican public health expert with a successful tenure at the University of Miami, has been appointed as the next chancellor of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). This prestigious appointment comes at a crucial time for UCLA, as the institution is still grappling with the aftermath of intense protests and a violent attack on student demonstrators earlier this year.

With his vast experience and leadership skills, Dr. Frenk is poised to become the first Latino to lead UCLA, a university known for its diverse student body. His appointment follows the tenure of Gene Block, who has been instrumental in enhancing UCLA’s academic reputation by attracting research funding and top-tier students. However, Dr. Block’s administration faced criticism for its handling of pro-Palestinian demonstrations towards the end of his 17-year term.

Dr. Frenk, 70, brings a wealth of experience to his new role, having served as Mexico’s secretary of health and as the dean of Harvard’s School of Public Health. His background as a Mexican descent adds to the historical significance of his appointment, as previous chancellors of UCLA have all been white males, despite the university’s rich history of diversity.

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Transition Plan and Interim Chancellor Appointment

While Dr. Frenk is set to assume his role as chancellor in January, the University of California Board of Regents has appointed Darnell Hunt, the current executive vice chancellor and provost of UCLA, to serve as interim chancellor starting in August until Dr. Frenk officially takes over. This strategic transition plan ensures continuity in leadership and a smooth handover process for the university.

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