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Strains on Small Businesses in Painesville’s Historic Downtown

PAINESVILLE, Ohio — Small business owners in Painesville’s Historic downtown area are feeling the pressure due to an ongoing revitalization project. The construction project, known as the Streetscape Construction Project, is causing significant challenges for businesses along South Park Place.

Impact on Local Businesses

Branches of Wellness, a wellness studio owned by Erin Hill, is one of the businesses affected by the construction. The disruptions caused by the project have made it difficult for clients with limited mobility to access the studio for yoga classes and healing services. The decrease in foot traffic has severely impacted Hill’s business, leading her to initiate a GoFundMe campaign to keep the doors open.

Mmm Yummy, another business in the area, has also seen a decline in sales since the construction began. The owners had to downsize their staff as sales dropped by half. Despite opening just last July and anticipating a busy summer season, the unforeseen construction has dealt a blow to their operations.

City’s Response and Assistance

City Manager Doug Lewis acknowledged the inconvenience caused by the construction but emphasized the long-term benefits it will bring to the downtown area once completed. The City of Painesville has been working with businesses to minimize the impact by providing alternative access routes and information about parking options for customers.

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Looking Towards the Future

Despite the current challenges, City Engineer Leanne Exum assures business owners that the finished project will be worth the wait. Once the construction is completed in August, businesses along South Park Place can expect a revitalized downtown area that will attract more customers.

In the meantime, local businesses are persevering through the difficulties and hoping for continued support from residents. With determination and resilience, these small businesses are committed to staying afloat until the construction is finished.

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