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Butte, Mont. – The No. 15-ranked Carroll College Football team emerged victorious in their season opener against their in-state rival, No. 16 Montana Tech, with a 21-19 win in a thrilling non-conference matchup in Butte, Mont.

The No. 15 Fighting Saints (1-0) came into the 2023 season with a shared objective – to start strong. And they achieved just that in their game against No. 16 Montana Tech (0-1).

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Carroll College won the coin toss and chose to receive the ball, setting the tone for the game with a strong opening drive.

The opening possession of the season saw a nine-play, 77-yard drive by the Saints. Duncan Kraft, a senior from Billings, Montana, made a crucial 17-yard run for the Saints, bringing them into Oredigger territory. Jack Prka, a junior from Couer d’Alene, Idaho, then connected with Chris Akulschin, a sophomore from Gig Harbor, Washington, for a 25-yard catch-and-run. This play set up Baxter Tuggle, a senior from Laramie, Wyoming, to score the Saints’ first touchdown, giving Carroll a 7-0 lead just five minutes into the game.

The Carroll defense displayed their strength on the Orediggers’ first possession, forcing them to exit the field quickly after only three minutes of play.

The second series saw another impressive drive by the Saints, this time marching 80 yards in 15 plays. The offense, led by quarterback Jack Prka, demonstrated excellent teamwork and execution. Duncan Kraft and Baxter Tuggle played crucial roles in gaining crucial yardage and moving the chains.

Duncan Kraft’s two-yard touchdown run extended Carroll’s lead to 14-0 early in the second quarter.

Montana Tech responded with a 68-yard touchdown pass, cutting Carroll’s lead to 14-7.

Both teams had further scoring opportunities in the first half. However, a mistake in the field goal attempt by Carroll resulted in a missed scoring chance, and the Orediggers settled for a field goal just before halftime, reducing the Saints’ lead to 14-10.

The third quarter saw minimal scoring, with Ryan Lowry kicking a field goal for Montana Tech to bring them within one point, making it 14-13 in favor of the Saints.

Jack Prka’s impressive athleticism became evident in the fourth quarter. Despite facing pressure with a collapsing pocket, Prka showcased his agility and scored a remarkable touchdown, extending Carroll’s lead to 21-13.

The Carroll defense made a crucial play by forcing a turnover on the next possession, recovering a fumble and maintaining their advantage.

With just under six minutes remaining, Montana Tech closed the gap to two points with a 39-yard touchdown run by Blake Counts.

In an attempt to tie the game at 21, Montana Tech went for a two-point conversion but was thwarted by the strong Carroll defense.

Kraft and Tuggle then took charge, running the clock down with powerful and physical plays.

With just over two minutes left, Camron Rothie made a significant nine-yard reception, securing a first down for Carroll and leading to their first victory formation of the season.

The game ended with a 21-19 win for Carroll College Football, marking a successful start to their season.

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Looking ahead, Carroll College Football will have 10 days to prepare before they face the No. 14-ranked team in the NAIA, St. Thomas (Fla.), at Nelson Stadium next weekend.

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