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Man Eager to Purchase Marijuana Seeds as New Laws Take Effect

(ABC 6 News) – At Hempire in Rochester, a man was at the door when the store opened at 9am Tuesday morning ready to buy marijuana seeds. Up until Tuesday, that was illegal. But seeds are the only thing that can be sold right now.

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State Office of Cannabis Management in Progress

The state is currently in the process of establishing the office of cannabis management to oversee and regulate the sales of marijuana itself. They expect to be fully operational and ready for business by 2025. Coincidentally, this is also when the city of Rochester is set to allow sales under a recently passed city ordinance.

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New Laws Generate Added Work for Business Owners

The implementation of the new laws also means additional responsibilities for business owners. They are now required to register if they want to sell products containing less than 0.3 percent THC, which were already legalized. This process adds to the workload of business owners who are eagerly waiting to sell marijuana once it becomes legally permitted.

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Promoting Education and Dispelling Stigma

Shelly Buchanan, the owner of Hempire, hopes that the legalization of marijuana will help diminish the stigma surrounding the plant. She believes that education plays a vital role in achieving this goal.

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Confusion and Limitations in the Legalization Process

Buchanan explains that the entire process of legalization has been confusing and frustrating, not only for business owners but also for customers. Under the new laws, even though she owns multiple stores, she will only be able to sell marijuana legally at one of them.

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Delay in County Ordinance Discussion

Olmsted County is considering a similar ordinance to the one passed by Rochester, which would delay sales until 2025. However, the discussion about this ordinance was tabled at the commissioner meeting held today.

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