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# Former 1MDB Lawyer Arrested in Connection with Misappropriation of Funds

PUTRAJAYA: In a recent development concerning the misappropriation of funds in the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) case, former 1MDB lawyer, Jasmine Loo Ai Swan, was arrested on Jul 7. This arrest was made to facilitate investigations into the financial wrongdoing, as confirmed by Malaysian Home Minister Saifuddin Nasution Ismail on Wednesday (Jul 12).

## Cooperation in 1MDB Investigation

According to Mr. Saifuddin, Ms. Loo was apprehended at the Dang Wangi district police headquarters (IPD) in Kuala Lumpur. It has been revealed that she, through her legal representative, expressed her willingness to cooperate fully with the ongoing police investigation into the 1MDB case.

## Assisting Malaysian Government

The Home Minister stated that Ms. Loo would assist both the police and the Malaysian government in their efforts to investigate the complexities surrounding the 1MDB scandal. However, he refrained from disclosing further details, including the duration of her remand.

## Legal Actions Against Jasmine Loo

In a separate instance related to the case, on Jan 20, the Kuala Lumpur High Court granted the prosecution’s request to forfeit the rights to two luxury vehicles and a sum of RM22,600 (US$4,860), which belonged to Ms. Loo. Additionally, the court sanctioned OCBC, a third party, to reclaim a condominium unit in Mont Kiara that had been seized from Ms. Loo.

## Connection to Fugitive Businessman

It is worth mentioning that Jasmine Loo is believed to have close links to fugitive businessman Low Taek Jho, popularly known as Jho Low. Low Taek Jho is wanted for his significant involvement in the multibillion-dollar 1MDB scandal.

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