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Entrepreneurship Training Course for Small Business Owners in Knoxville

Small business owners in Knoxville have the opportunity to participate in a ten-week entrepreneurship training course offered by the Knoxville Area Urban League (KAUL). This program is designed to provide support to business owners at all stages of their entrepreneurial journey.

The Spring 2024 cohort of KAUL CO.STARTERS is nearing completion, with participants expressing their satisfaction with the knowledge and skills they have gained in starting and growing their businesses.

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Success Stories and Growth Opportunities

Whitney Johnson, the CEO of Paisley’s Cupcakes, shared her experience of starting her business in 2021 and the aspirations she has for its growth. She emphasized the importance of seeking additional information and skills to scale her cupcake business and meet the demands of a larger market.

The CO.STARTERS program, led by Terrance Carter, emphasizes the development of comprehensive business plans, a crucial component for the success of the participants. Real business owners review and provide feedback on these plans, offering valuable insights and guidance.

Real-Life Experiences and Insights

Guest speakers, entrepreneurs, and successful business owners contribute to the program by sharing their experiences and knowledge with the participants. These interactions offer practical advice and encouragement, inspiring confidence and determination in pursuing entrepreneurial goals.

Johnson highlighted the impact of these guest speakers in her learning journey, emphasizing the value of their insights in shaping her current business practices and strategies.

Measuring Success and Future Opportunities

Carter emphasized that success in the program is measured in various ways, including the ability to identify market opportunities, conduct thorough research, and adapt business models accordingly. The program aims to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to make informed decisions and mitigate risks in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

For individuals interested in joining the upcoming fall cohort of CO.STARTERS, applications are now open for enrollment. The program offers a structured approach to learning and growth, with personalized support and guidance for each participant.

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