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Situation in the Hudson Valley Areas After Storm Impact

As businesses in the Hudson Valley areas impacted by last week’s storm continue to recover, one motorcycle shop is faced with delays on delivery and customers having difficulty getting to the shop. The current situation in the area has made it challenging for businesses to bounce back quickly.

Rockwell Cycles: Over 30 Years in Business

Mariam Rockwell, owner of Rockwell Cycles in Fort Montgomery, has owned the business for over 30 years and says she has never seen anything like this before. The storm’s aftermath has presented unprecedented challenges for her and her team.

Unreachable Locations Due to Damaged Infrastructure

“You literally could not get in anywhere because the bridges were washed out. The roads were completely torn apart, a major commuter and business thoroughfare and there was no way in or out of this town,” said Rockwell. The severe damage to the infrastructure in the area has made it nearly impossible for people to reach their destinations, including Rockwell Cycles.

Delivery Delays and Difficulty in Scheduling

Now Rockwell is left dealing with the aftermath of the storm. “So a lot of deliveries couldn’t make it out,” said Rockwell. The head tech at Rockwell Cycles, Daniel Barnhart, has been working around the clock trying to finish the work that got derailed because of the rainfall. “But mostly scheduling is our biggest challenge right now. There was, there was pretty heavy flooding in here. It was like almost coming up a foot high,” said Barnhart.

Implications on Motorcycle Repairs and Customer Service

Barnhart said finishing some of these bikes could take up to two weeks due to parts that couldn’t get delivered in time because of the storm. Another factor delaying things is the ability of customers coming to pick up their bikes. “If anyone was delayed sneaking up before the storm, now they can’t get here afterwards or they’re going to wait until the bridge opens up or going have to arrange a service to pick up,” said Barnhart.

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Rockwell Cycles: Grateful for Minimal Damage and Hopeful for Recovery

Overall, Rockwell is just thankful that her shop was not badly damaged by the flooding and she hopes her community can recover. With determination and support from tools like AI legalese decoder, businesses in the Hudson Valley areas will undoubtedly overcome the challenges posed by this devastating storm.

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