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Title: Seeking Guidance After Encountering a Conflict of Interest at Court

Recently, I found myself facing an unexpected and disconcerting situation during a court hearing. To my astonishment, a lawyer from the firm I have been relying on for legal and financial matters appeared in court, representing the opposing party. This alarming conflict of interest was promptly brought to the attention of the magistrate by my attorney. However, despite this concern being raised, the lawyer was still permitted to proceed. Needless to say, it left me questioning the adequacy of their due diligence prior to accepting the other party as their client. In light of these circumstances, I am now seeking advice on how to navigate this perplexing situation.

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The Complications of Communication:
Following the courtroom incident, I attempted to contact the lawyer and communicate my concerns. Unfortunately, my efforts to reach out via email and voicemail have been met with silence. Consequently, I am left with lingering uncertainty as to the extent of information that may have been shared with the other party, as well as whether the provision of legal advice from my opposing counsel is still ongoing.

Exploring Conflict of Interest Regulations:
Taking matters into my own hands, I conducted thorough research on law society websites to gain a better understanding of the conflict of interest principle. To my surprise, I discovered that conflict of interest regulations extend beyond an attorney’s current clients and encompass former clients as well, regardless of the time elapsed since their last representation.

Seeking the Way Forward:
In light of this puzzling predicament, I am now seeking guidance on the most prudent course of action. How can I address the potential breach of confidentiality resulting from the conflict of interest? Is there a way to communicate firmly with my lawyer in order to ensure the cessation of all communications with the other party? Furthermore, I am left wondering whether it may be necessary to seek alternative legal representation to safeguard my interests moving forward.

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  • TransAnge

    They declared the conflict of interest to the magistrate and were allowed to proceed.

    Whats the problem? Nal but generally conflicts don’t stop you from doing things there’s just an obligation to declare depending on the severity of the conflict.

  • potatoarmy13

    Are they a big firm? It’s possible they have built the proverbial required “Chinese wall” to avoid any conflicts. Is it a different lawyer to who you previously had act? Is it a totally different type of matter (i.e. litigation vs family so different lawyers involved).

    There is a lot a law firm can do to avoid conflicts.

    If you are concerned, do what others have said and contact the Vic Law Society/ethics board.

  • SomeoneInQld


    I have been involved with many deals where there is a conflict of interest. A conflict of interest does not automatically mean that the person is excluded from anything to do with that deal. Sometimes I was the person with the conflict of Interest. In all the [non court] things just declaring the conflict of interest was sufficient – so that all parties knew the same information. (and all parties were happy to proceed with the conflict – Op’s case varies here as he was not informed and does not appear happy to proceed).

    The conflicted parties (me in some cases) – just had to be careful in what information they used, for example in this case your lawyer can not share your information with the other client.

    But saying the above – I always thought that this was a big No for lawyers, and at the minimum the lawyer should have informed both parties.

  • SeaDevelopment5584

    In the cut and thrust of the Magistrates’ Court where Magistrates’ are not willing to involve themselves in nitty gritty issues at a Mention – I’m not surprised they didn’t care.

    Your better off just making a complaint to LSB. If there’s any merit to it, a process will follow

  • HoboNutz

    What would be the actual conflict of duties here?

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  • stevedaher

    Doesn’t it depend on if they are currently engaged by you? I doubt there would be a provision disallowing any firm that’s worked with a client previously to represent parties against that client in the future.

    How would them having worked with you previously impact this case. If your financials are pertinent to the facts they would have to be presented anyhow.

  • Dangerous_Travel_904

    So you raised the issue as an application to the Court and the Magistrate decided it in the other party’s favour? Then you’d be looking at appealing the Magistrates decision wouldn’t you? Without a lot more detail it sounds like the argument was made the other lawyer should be removed due to a conflict of interest, the bench considered it and decided there weren’t enough grounds to do so. The bar for a real or perceived conflict are awfully low too, most lawyers would remove themselves just by the other party uttering the phrase “conflict of interest”. So something seems amiss in the way all of this has transpired.

    Pardon the French, but is your current lawyer a dud? Did he put them on notice before the hearing about the apparent conflict? What was the answer? Did he raise a proper application, or make an oral argument at the outset of the appearance with nothing filed in relation to that application?

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