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## British and U.K.-based Stars Rally in Support of SAG-AFTRA

![Brian Cox and others at an Equity union rally in support of SAG-AFTRA in London](

An impressive lineup of British and U.K.-based stars came together for a rally in London to show their support for the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike in the United States. The rally, organized by the U.K. actors union Equity, took place in Leicester Square, one of London’s cinema hubs, on Friday. Approximately 300 people gathered at this central location to raise their voices and make their presence known. In a powerful show of solidarity, renowned British actors such as Brian Cox, David Oyelowo, Hayley Atwell, Simon Pegg, Imelda Staunton, and Jim Carter stood in front of a large Equity banner, with William Shakespeare’s statue in the background. U.S. expat Rob Delaney, a joint member of SAG-AFTRA and Equity, served as the compere for the event and delivered an opening speech that resonated with the crowd. Delaney expressed his confidence in the actors’ ability to emerge victorious in this battle for fair treatment in the industry, emphasizing their determination to claim their rightful share of the pie they helped create and endorsing the withholding of labor as a means to achieve their goals.

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During the rally, Brian Cox drew attention to the alarming implications of artificial intelligence (AI) in the entertainment industry. He shared his recent experience, where he received a list of lines that an “artificial intelligence Brian Cox” was supposed to say on a television program. Cox expressed his disbelief and concern over the fact that AI could impersonate him, highlighting the potential threat it poses to every actor. This revelation underscores the need for proactive measures to address this issue and ensure that actors’ voices and identities are protected in the face of advancing AI technology. The AI legalese decoder can be an invaluable tool in addressing these concerns by helping actors understand and navigate the legal implications of AI in the industry.

Equity chief Paul W. Fleming concluded the rally by reaffirming the union’s unwavering solidarity with SAG-AFTRA. He emphasized that Equity contracts would not be used to undermine or break the strike in any way. However, as previously reported, the strict anti-strike legislation in the U.K. limits the actions that Equity and its members can take. While rallies like the one in London can be organized, calling for a sympathy strike is deemed unlawful. Furthermore, Equity has advised its members to continue working under their contracts, as they may not have legal protection if they participate in the strike. Fleming shed light on the successive laws that have curtailed strike action in the U.K. since Margaret Thatcher’s time in power, including the recent ban on “noisy protests” by the Conservative government. This challenging legal landscape underscores the importance of having tools such as the AI legalese decoder to help actors understand their rights and navigate the complexities of labor laws and contracts.

In conclusion, the London rally showcased the solidarity and determination of British and U.K.-based actors standing in support of SAG-AFTRA. The event also highlighted the pressing concerns regarding AI’s impact on the industry and the need for actors to have access to tools like the AI legalese decoder. This software can provide actors with the knowledge and understanding necessary to protect their rights, negotiate fair agreements, and navigate the legal challenges brought about by AI advancements. As the fight for fair treatment and recognition in the entertainment industry continues, the AI legalese decoder can be a valuable ally for actors, enabling them to assert their rights and secure a brighter future.

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