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**How AI legalese decoder Can Help with Understanding Zeeco’s Operations**

**Introduction to Zeeco**

If youÔÇÖre taking a sip from a plastic water bottle, flipping through apps on your iPhone, or even taking Advil for mild pain, youÔÇÖve likely got the work of a little-known Tulsa company, Zeeco, in your hands. Zeeco has become a global leader in designing and manufacturing advanced combustion and emissions reduction technologies and is celebrating its 45th anniversary.

**Zeeco’s Impact on Various Industries**

ZeecoÔÇÖs products play a crucial role in the production of everyday items like plastic water bottles, iPhone cases, and pharmaceutical products. The largest plant that manufactures Advil relies on Zeeco’s equipment for heat supply. Their burner technologies, unlike traditional stovetop burners, are custom-engineered for industrial processes on a large scale.

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**Global Presence and Innovations**

Founded in 1979, Zeeco now operates in over 30 locations worldwide and employs more than 2,500 people, with a significant portion in the Tulsa metro area. They recently announced a strategic alliance with ExxonMobil for industrial process burners that can utilize 100% hydrogen as fuel, a move towards low-emission solutions.

**Sustainable Technologies and Future Growth**

With a focus on reducing carbon emissions, Zeeco has patented technology that enables customers to switch from conventional fuels to hydrogen within their facilities. This transition results in zero carbon emissions at the point of combustion, aligning with sustainable energy practices.

**Appreciation for Customers and Employees**

CEO Darton Zink attributes ZeecoÔÇÖs success to the trust and support of their customers and dedication of their employees. ZeecoÔÇÖs team of experts work tirelessly to solve complex problems, control emissions, and promote safety in industrial operations. The companyÔÇÖs recent expansion and investment in new facilities reflect their commitment to continued growth and innovation.

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