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Ezra Levant reports from the Lethbridge Courthouse on the ongoing trial of four men who were arrested at the Coots trucker blockade a year and a half ago. These four men are facing serious criminal charges, including conspiracy to commit murder, and have been denied bail. Pastor Arthur Pavlovsky and Tamara Leach were released on bail after spending almost 50 days in prison. However, the trial is still about a year away, and the court proceedings have been focused on pre-trial applications and motions.

One of the key issues discussed in court was whether a confession from one of the men was obtained properly. The judge ruled that it was indeed fair and that the man was given his legal rights, including access to a lawyer. Another issue raised by the defense was the allegation that the crown prosecutor gave false instructions to the police, which the defense believed to be an illegal act. The defense requested that the prosecutor-police communications, protected by solicitor-client privilege, be made public to investigate any potential impropriety.

The court was adjourned before 3 pm, after a long and intensive day that started at 10 am, including breaks and lunch. Most of the lawyers involved in the case are not based in Lethbridge, adding to the significant costs associated with the trial. Levant had a heart-wrenching moment with one of the family members, feeling the palpable sorrow and heartbreak caused by this prolonged prosecution.

The trial is an extensive public enterprise, involving three prosecutors, multiple defense counsel, four police officers, two clerks, and a judge. Levant is unable to disclose certain facts due to a publication ban, limiting the ability to provide full coverage. He is the only accredited journalist present, with a few citizen journalists also in attendance. During the court proceedings, friends and family of the accused showed their support, creating a somewhat boisterous atmosphere that the judge reprimanded, even when the court was not in session.

Levant expects the trial to continue for many more months, with the trial itself not taking place until next spring. By that time, these men will have spent about two and a half years in prison, approaching a thousand days. Rebel News will strive to cover the case journalistically, focusing on the trial rather than the hearing minutiae. Levant addresses the question of why Rebel News is not funding the lawyers for these men, explaining that the organization’s donor intent is to support civil liberties and civil disobedience cases, excluding those involving murder or violent conspiracies.

Levant expresses his sadness for the families of the accused, hoping that if they are innocent, their lengthy imprisonment will be recognized as a grave injustice. However, he cannot justify diverting donations meant for civil liberties cases to such extreme and violent conspiracy allegations. Levant emphasizes that these men are innocent until proven guilty and mentions that a bail judge deemed them a danger, warranting their continued detention.

For more detailed reports on this subject, Levant directs viewers to He also mentions that he has filmed an episode of “The Ezra Levant Show,” available to subscribers on Despite the heavy nature of the case, Levant includes two lighthearted moments in his report. Concluding, he encourages everyone to keep fighting for freedom on behalf of Rebel News.

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