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Hello everyone, I am pleased to share some exciting news regarding veterans’ rights in America. As I mentioned last week, there was a bill called the Veterans Second Amendment Protection Act that aimed to prevent the VA from infringing on veterans’ Second Amendment rights simply because they have a fiduciary assigned to assist them with their finances. The VA’s current practice is to label veterans in need of financial assistance as mentally deficient, making them prohibited persons under the law. This unjust treatment of our veterans has been a long-standing concern, and Gun Owners of America (GOA) has been at the forefront of fighting for their rights.

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Now, let’s dive into an important letter sent by GOA yesterday to some key figures in Congress. The letter was addressed to Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, Majority Leader Steve Scalise, Majority Whip Tim Emmer, Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, and Minority Whip Catherine Clark. In the letter, GOA expressed their concern about the Department of Veteran Affairs’ fiduciary rule, which was established during the Clinton Administration. They argued that this rule unconstitutionally disarms veterans through a bureaucratic process, affecting over 2 million law-abiding gun owners. GOA urged Congress to support House Veteran Affairs Committee Chairman Bost’s Amendment Number 35 to H.R. 4366, the Military Construction Veteran Affairs and Related Agencies Appropriations Act of 2024.

The VA’s fiduciary rule is primarily designed to help veterans with their finances. However, it automatically categorizes them as mental defectives under federal law. This practice unjustly disarms hundreds of thousands of veterans based on the decision of a bureaucrat overseeing their finances. It’s crucial to understand that veterans are assigned a fiduciary not because they pose a danger to themselves or others, but rather because they require or seek assistance in managing their finances. Despite being law-abiding citizens, veterans are stripped of their Second Amendment rights without due process. They face the risk of losing the legal right to possess or obtain firearms without committing any crime, and often without their full knowledge or consent. It’s important to note that this standard applies only to veterans, as non-veterans with a fiduciary are not subject to any federal gun ban or categorized as mental defectives.

Unfortunately, the federal government disproportionately targets veterans in this regard. Shockingly, as of January 3rd, 2023, approximately 97.8% of active 18 USC 922 G4 records submitted to the NICS system by the federal government are veterans. Out of the total 266,804 records submitted to NICS by federal agencies under 18 USC 922 G4, 261,168 of them were submitted by the VA. Furthermore, veterans often remain unaware of this process, as the VA only notifies them once at the initiation of the fiduciary appointment process. If the VA does not receive a response within 60 days of notification, they make a decision solely based on the evidence in the veteran’s records, subsequently submitting the veteran’s information to the NICS database.

GOA emphasizes the importance of supporting Amendment Number 35 to H.R. 4366, as it protects the Second Amendment rights of countless future veterans. They urge members of Congress to vote in favor of this amendment and its adoption. Any votes against this amendment will be seen as an attack on the individual Second Amendment rights of innocent veterans and will be scored as anti-gun votes.

Now, let’s discuss the recent vote on this amendment. It is worth noting that one Republican voted to strip veterans’ rights based on their financial situation, while six Democrats voted against the bill. Thankfully, the amendment passed with a vote of 228 to 206 – a significant win for veterans’ rights. I will provide a link to the roll call in the description, should you wish to explore it further. The six Democrats who voted against the bill were Representatives Quailer from Texas, Golden from Maine, Gonzalez from Texas, Peltola from Alaska, Perez from Washington, and Vasquez from New Mexico. Representative Fitzpatrick from Pennsylvania, a Republican, also voted against the bill.

For those interested, GOA’s Twitter account has a thread with representatives’ speeches during the vote, including remarks from the VA’s leader advocating for the continued removal of veterans’ rights. This could be particularly relevant for those who have firsthand experience with the VA.

I want to extend my sincerest gratitude to everyone for their continued support. Remember to visit and explore their high-quality offerings. Also, please consider supporting GOA by joining or donating. You can access their website at They are doing incredible work, and it is crucial to stand behind those who support our rights. Thank you once again, and I wish you all a fantastic day. Take care!

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