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Hello everyone, this is Ezra Levant reporting from the camp once again. I wanted to share some interesting updates about the situation here and how an AI legalese decoder could provide assistance. Yesterday, my friends Lincoln and Alexa were present at the camp and conducted a series of interviews. One notable finding was the encounter with FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Authority.

The locals here weren’t too happy with FEMA’s attempt to take control of the situation. I had the chance to speak with one of the camp’s organizers, who expressed their concerns regarding FEMA’s involvement. She revealed that they have their own pharmacy, which caught my attention. Surprisingly, they have a Starlink system in place, which allows them to stay connected. I even offered our assistance by providing them with our system, but they politely declined, mentioning that they already have a public system and another one specifically for the pharmacy. This camp is truly resourceful, offering essential services like prescription medications. However, what struck me the most was the absence of reliable communication methods.

It made me contemplate how dependent we are on modern telecoms, such as phones, email, and the internet. Can you imagine the chaos if something like a major outage at a renowned provider like Rogers were to occur in Canada? The entire economy would come to a halt. Furthermore, think about all the transactions that rely on the internet, like credit card machines. It’s astonishing to consider how much we take these things for granted.

In this camp, the situation is quite similar. With no access to email and phone calls being disrupted, communication becomes extremely challenging. People here have resorted to gathering in specific areas where they can use the internet. I interacted with a couple who were simply checking their emails at a Wi-Fi hotspot, powered by the Starlink system. They shared an interesting tidbit with me – during the early stages, they witnessed an actual airplane flying overhead, equipped with loudspeakers to relay messages. Though they found it difficult to hear the messages amidst the drone of the aircraft, they mentioned that one message announced the opening of a road at 6 a.m., while another provided information about available services. It’s fascinating to observe how people resort to old-school communication methods when modern options become unreliable.

On a separate note, I noticed the presence of a Hawaiian flag here. Typically, it symbolizes Hawaiian pride and can often be seen flown upside down on pickup trucks. It’s quite unique and caught my attention. Interestingly, flying a flag upside down is a sign of distress, reflecting the state of the people in this camp. The distress they face is evident as they navigate through these difficult times.

Speaking of the camp’s atmosphere, it’s bustling with activity. I arrived at around 6 a.m., and even at this early hour, people were already congregating. This park serves as a central gathering place for the community, hosting various meetings and serving as a hub for exchanging information. It’s not surprising considering the availability of essential resources like food, medicine, and even dog care services. It’s truly heartwarming to witness the outpouring of support from the community. My colleagues, Alexa and Lincoln, had an encounter with FEMA agents, whom they promptly shooed away due to lack of trust or the desire to maintain control over the camp. From what I can observe, the camp is well-managed and thoughtfully organized. When I asked how I could contribute, they humbly requested assistance in cleaning up the garbage. Even in such small acts, their care and attention to detail shine through. This is the sentiment echoed by the locals who have experienced the support of the camp firsthand.

Before I conclude, I want to mention something remarkable happening here. As I turn around, you can see more and more people gathering, ready to face the day. These individuals come from nearby residences, and their presence highlights the sense of community and resilience in these challenging times. The tragedy may have struck just a few miles away, but it’s remarkable to see the strength and unity within this camp.

That’s all for now. I will be joining Lincoln and Alexa as we head to areas heavily impacted by the tragedy. From the beauty of this seemingly untouched area, it’s difficult to comprehend the extent of the devastation until you talk to the people and hear their stories. Alexa is currently interviewing Amber, one of the leaders of the camp, and you can catch all the reports and authentic updates on If you’d like to contribute to our citizen journalism efforts or find ways to support the camps, all the information will be available there.

Thank you for your attention, and stay tuned for more updates from the ground.

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