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Scenic Highway 1 Collapse Strands Tourists in Big Sur

Officials Work to Reopen Highway 1 after Collapse

A portion of scenic Highway 1 in the Big Sur area of California collapsed Saturday, leaving about 2,000 motorists, mostly tourists, stranded overnight. The collapse occurred in a section of the southbound highway in the Central Coast, closing it to the public while crews work on repairs. The beautiful highway, also known as the Pacific Coast Highway, features stunning rocky cliffs, lush mountains, panoramic beaches, and coastal redwood forests.

The collapse did not result in any reported injuries, but the California Department of Transportation did not provide an estimate for when the highway would fully reopen. The cause of the collapse remains unknown, but torrential rain in the area near Rocky Creek Bridge likely played a role.

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Efforts to Clear Highway 1 for Travelers

Kevin Drabinski, a spokesman for Caltrans, stated that the damage was severe enough to close the highway for motorists on Saturday afternoon. By Sunday afternoon, some traffic began moving, and convoys with police escorts were sent to evacuate people stranded in the affected areas. Many visitors had to sleep in temporary shelters, local accommodations, or their cars, as crews worked to clear the debris.

Another convoy was scheduled for Monday morning to ensure everyone in the affected area was evacuated. Officials emphasized the need for people to stay away from the area and allow emergency personnel to work safely to clear the highway.

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Weather Complications and Historical Landslides

An unseasonably cold storm system caused severe weather conditions along the southwestern Pacific Coast, leading to flash flooding and snow in parts of California. Forecasters warned of continued rain, thunderstorms, hail, strong winds, and even a risk of tornadoes in affected areas. Last year’s winter storms caused landslides that blocked a 20-mile stretch of Big Sur, demonstrating the region’s vulnerability to natural disasters.

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Past Landslides and Highway Repairs

Over the years, landslides have frequently damaged portions of Highway 1, stretching over 650 miles from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Notably, a massive landslide in 2017 added 15 acres of coastline after 6 million cubic yards of earth moved due to heavy rainfall. The highway underwent extensive repairs and reopened a year later, showcasing the resilience of the infrastructure in the face of natural calamities.

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