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## UK Government Ties Cyber-Attacks on Electoral Commission to China

By James Gregory & Iain Watson, political correspondent
BBC News
March 25, 2024 | Updated 53 minutes ago

### Overview
The UK government is expected to connect cyber-attacks on the country’s elections watchdog to China. The attacks, which occurred in August 2021 and involved the accessing of personal details of millions of voters, were disclosed just last year. Several MPs and critics of Beijing were also reportedly targeted in these cyber-attacks.

### Deputy PM Addressing Parliament
Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden is set to address Parliament about the threat posed by these attacks. It is anticipated that other Western nations will also express their concerns regarding similar incidents.

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### Electoral Commission’s Response
The Electoral Commission confirmed that “hostile actors” gained access to electoral registers, emails, and control systems last August. However, they reassured that these breaches did not impact any elections or voter registrations.

### Alleged Links to Beijing
Deputy PM Dowden is expected to suggest that the perpetrators behind the cyber-attacks have ties to Beijing. The government is likely to outline its strategy for addressing this threat.

### Chinese Embassy’s Response
The Chinese Embassy has been contacted by the BBC for comments on these allegations.

### UK’s Stance on National Security
Emphasizing national security grounds, the government has already disapproved of or reduced Chinese investments in UK infrastructure in recent years.

### Briefings for Targeted MPs
MPs targeted in the cyber-attacks, including former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith, former minister Tim Laughton, and the SNP’s Stewart McDonald, will receive briefings from parliamentary security.

### Growing Concerns over Chinese Espionage
UK government concerns over Chinese espionage and interference in parliamentary affairs have been escalating. MI5 has accused China of engaging in political interference activities, including funding MPs, which the Chinese Embassy denies.

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