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France Rejects Allegations and Expresses Support for Restoring Bazoum to Power in Niger

Last week, a group of coup leaders seized power in Niger and alleged that the toppled government had authorized France to carry out an attack on the presidential palace in an attempt to free President Mohamed Bazoum. Colonel Amadou Abdramane, one of the coup plotters, made these claims on state television and stated that the authorization was signed by Foreign Minister Hassoumi Massoudou, who was acting as prime minister at the time. The whereabouts of Massoudou and Bazoum are currently unknown.

In response to these allegations, France’s Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna rejected them and emphasized that it is still “possible” to restore Bazoum to power. The coup d’état, which toppled Bazoum, a western ally, on July 26th, was carried out by the elite Presidential Guard in Niger. The Guards chief, General Abdourahamane Tiani, declared himself the leader. However, his claim has been internationally shunned, and the West African bloc ECOWAS has given him a one-week deadline to hand back power.

To further complicate the situation, Bazoum’s political party, PNDS, warned that Niger is at risk of becoming a “dictatorial and totalitarian regime” following a series of arrests. Several ministers, including the oil minister, mining minister, and the head of the PNDS’s national executive committee, have been arrested by the coup leaders.

The coup plotters also accused France of attempting to intervene militarily in Niger. However, France’s Foreign Minister Colonna denied these allegations, stating that they are false. She stressed the importance of returning the democratically-elected president to power to avoid destabilization in Niger and its neighboring countries.

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