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# Inheriting a House in Central Indiana and Planning for Downsizing

Hey everyone,

Throw away account. So I’m inheriting a house in central Indiana, however I’m planning on downsizing as I need a house about half this size. I’m open to any and all suggestions. House needs some repairs, which my uncle is helping me with.

## House Information:

– Estimated Price Range Online Source 1: $164k-216k
– Estimated Price Range Online Source 2: $187k-222k, with $196k as the “definitive” number.
– House size: 1,557 square feet
– 3 Bedrooms, 1 Bath (Planning on turning one bedroom into an office space)
– Detached double garage
– Lot size: 7,920 square feet
– Mortgage remaining: $21k at 7%
– Escrow balance: $1.5k
– Loan program 30-year fixed
– Credit card debt for home improvement (gutter b.s.): $4,755 with 26.99% APR
– Tentative timeline to sell: November 2024

## Personal Situation:

– Undergrad in social work
– Currently working on a master’s in computer science from a meh school
– Working as a graduate assistant at my university, yielding a little more than $300/week
– Seasonal job (Spring into Summer) about $18/hr
– Scheduled to graduate this December
– Student loan debt: $7.7k at 6.54%
– Roth IRA: $7k with a 6.3% return
– Other brokerage account: $4k with 8.5% return
– Inherited 3 dogs
– Cash on hand: $11k, possible more to come from inheritance

## Current, Short Term Plan:

Current rough estimations:

– Sell house $200,000
– Cash on hand $11,000
– Mortgage -$21,000
– Gutters -$4,500
– Repairs -$30,000
– Student Loans -$8,500

Remaining $147,000

– Pay off all debts, max out IRAs, and invest $100k into a high yield index fund
– Move to New Mexico
– Rent as cheap as possible
– Consider traveling to Mexico and Colombia, but may not be the best decision

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## Long-term Plan:

– Fully remote computer science job
– Purchase coastal property in Latin America with the help of Mexican and Colombian friends
– Consider becoming a digital nomad
– Meeting with a CPA in early May to understand capital gains taxes and plan for the future

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