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## Tragic Incident in Gaza: 12 Drown Trying to Retrieve Airdropped Aid

The authorities in Gaza reported on Tuesday that a total of 12 individuals had tragically drowned while attempting to retrieve airdropped aid that had fallen into the Mediterranean. The urgent need for food and supplies in the enclave led to the airdrops as a last resort, but the fatal incident has sparked calls for a halt to the airdrops and an increase in deliveries by land.

Witnesses, interviewed by Ahmed Abu Qamar of EuroMed Rights, shared accounts of people wading into the water from a northern Gaza beach to collect the aid packages. Shockingly, around a dozen individuals lost their lives in the attempt, with at least one person becoming entangled in a parachute. The responsible country for the airdrop remains unclear, and the details of the incident are yet to be independently confirmed.

The United States, one of the countries involved in the airdrops, acknowledged that three aid bundles had malfunctioned and landed in the water. Pentagon spokeswoman Sabrina Singh emphasized that the aid was intentionally dropped over water with the expectation that wind drift would carry it to land in case of parachute failures.

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### Aid Delivery Challenges in Gaza: Importance of Land Deliveries

The fatality during the airdrop incident underscores the risks associated with delivering aid via air, as previous incidents have also resulted in casualties. The United Nations and humanitarian organizations advocate for land deliveries as the safest and most cost-effective method of providing aid to Gaza’s population, which is on the brink of a famine-like crisis.

Despite the challenges, several governments have resorted to airdrops to supplement aid deliveries by land, emphasizing the need for increased cooperation and support to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The recent aid mission led by Britain, in collaboration with Jordan, highlights the international efforts to provide essential supplies to Gaza’s vulnerable population.

The decrease in aid entering Gaza following the Hamas-led attack on Israel has intensified the urgency for humanitarian assistance, with aid organizations urging Israel to facilitate the delivery of aid through less restrictive means. The ongoing aid delivery challenges underscore the critical need for coordinated efforts to ensure the timely and efficient distribution of aid to those in need in Gaza.

### legal Disputes and Humanitarian Challenges in Aid Deliveries

The slowdown in aid deliveries to Gaza has raised concerns about the impact of stringent inspections on humanitarian efforts. Israel’s scrutiny of aid trucks has been criticized for impeding the timely distribution of aid, with humanitarian groups facing obstacles in delivering essential supplies to those in need. The blame game between Israeli authorities and UNRWA further complicates the humanitarian situation, highlighting the need for effective coordination and cooperation to overcome logistical challenges in aid deliveries.

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