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# Some have been customers; some employees. Now theyÔÇÖre the new owners of popular local restaurants and retail shops. As founders step aside, fresh sets of entrepreneurs step up in hopes of carrying on the goodwill and loyal following these brands have built up, some for decades.

## John McClelland and his brother-in-law, Johnathan Griffiths, work together at Liberty Fruit Co. One day, they Googled ÔÇ£best sandwich near meÔÇØ and BreitÔÇÖs Stein & Deli came up. That was about four years ago. Since then, theyÔÇÖve become regulars, along with their wives, Katrina McClelland and Erin Griffiths. When BreitÔÇÖs founder Bobby Breitenstein mentioned in passing that he planned to sell the bar one day and travel more, they said they would be interested. Months went by. Then in December the two couples bought the business.

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## They made improvements for the staff ÔÇö like a new POS system and other equipment, along with more storage space in the kitchen. TheyÔÇÖve exposed the original brick in the bar to give a ÔÇ£warm pub feel.ÔÇØ BreitÔÇÖs, on Strawberry Hill in Kansas City, Kansas, still has its famous Reuben and other menu items, but the new owners now offer Italian beef sandwiches on Saturdays and a daily veggie wrap. TheyÔÇÖre keeping their day jobs. But BreitÔÇÖs longtime manager, Stephenie Stewart, stayed on, as well as about a dozen employees. Breitenstein often comes in to help out and John McClelland said he must have asked him a hundred questions leading up to St. PatrickÔÇÖs Day.

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*ÔÇ£ItÔÇÖs the perfect little neighborhood Irish pub,ÔÇØ John McClelland said. ÔÇ£You donÔÇÖt go in there and try to change a bunch of things. You have a business that is working. If itÔÇÖs not broken, donÔÇÖt try to fix it.ÔÇØ*

## ÔÇÿHave an honest brandÔÇÖ

In January, sisters Elaine Van Buskirk and Jan Knobel, owners of The Upper Crust Pie Bakery in downtown Overland Park, shared news on their Instagram page with ÔÇ£both sadness and great excitement for the future.ÔÇØ New owners who had been part of their Upper Crust ÔÇ£family for many yearsÔÇØ and who love baking would be taking over. The post received hundreds of responses including ÔÇ£So excited for the journey to continue and you should be so proud of all you built!!!!ÔÇØ

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## In a phone interview, Knobel said the new owners ÔÇö former employees ÔÇö understood her business and could carry it forward with the same level of quality and attention to detail. ÔÇ£We always wanted it to be an experience for our customers, not just to come in and buy something and leave,ÔÇØ she said. ÔÇ£So much of it was ÔÇÿThis tastes just like the slice of pie I had when I was a kid.ÔÇÖ ItÔÇÖs maintaining that homemade quality at a high production level.ÔÇØ But selling the business wasnÔÇÖt easy emotionally.

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## ÔÇ£It is a big, big step,ÔÇØ Knobel said. ÔÇ£I kind of equate it with letting go of one of your kids.ÔÇØ The new owners ÔÇö Lisa Suderman and Kellie Kiser ÔÇö are in the middle of their spring holiday season ÔÇö recently Pi Day and the St. PatrickÔÇÖs Day parade ÔÇö and now Easter, they said. ÔÇ£We love the product so much and the community so much. Nothing is changing,ÔÇØ Suderman said.

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