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## Renters and Advocates Rally in Concord Against Rent Stabilization Ordinance Challenge

Dozens of renters and advocates came together in Concord on Sunday to express their opposition to a challenge of the city’s newly implemented rent stabilization and just cause ordinance. The ordinance, which was passed by the Concord City Council, is currently on hold and may potentially be put to a vote in November.

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## Rally Attendees Call for Rent Control Implementation

Renters and members from various advocacy groups such as East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy (EBASE), Monument Impact, and Todos Santos Tenants Union gathered at Todos Santos Plaza for a rally and caravan event. The attendees voiced their opposition to a recent referendum on the new renter protections established by the city council.

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## Rent Control Advocates Push for Immediate Implementation

In a press release regarding the rally, EBASE emphasized the importance of expeditiously implementing the rent stabilization ordinance to protect renters from exorbitant rent hikes and unjust evictions. Betty Gabaldon from Todos Santos Tenants Union highlighted the significance of educating the community about the ordinance to garner support for its enforcement.

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## Community Engagement Key in Upholding Renter Protections

Concord’s recently passed rent stabilization ordinance places limits on annual rent increases and mandates that landlords cover moving expenses in certain eviction cases. Despite the council’s approval of the ordinance, a referendum petition has put its implementation on hold, prompting community members to mobilize and advocate for its enforcement.

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