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### AI Legalese Decoder: Helping Navigate Social Security Issues while Homeless

Sorry about disjointed posting but disabilities are doing real number on my ability to concentrate today

I have been homeless since August. I tried to get a post office box but the post office would not give me one short of me paying almost $100 despite regulations are that in cases of homeless they are supposed to do so. Cannot have things such as social security etc sent to general delivery for obvious security reasons.

I finally got through to a call center for social security today (I have tried multiple times to get through to the local office but have had problems with dropped calls or battery go on the fritz while sitting in the endless on hold.

I have been trying to update mailing address since about September but it will not let me do that online. Due to disabilities I am normally in a Powerchair so getting to the SSA office is difficult at the very least especially as my van is pretty much on the fritz.

I logged into my bank account to take care of bills today only to see no payment. Got online with and my account and my payments have been suspended due to bad address.

After almost hour and half got through to the call center and have been told that my payments have been suspended due to bad address and I have to update in writing. They sent notice i was told last month to let me know I need to update the address but they sent it to the old address and said it was sent back.

Why don’t they send things to email? They send things saying my new statement is available but not something this important

Frustrated is mild

Not sure what to do from what I can tell the call center employees are not exactly up on what rules are etc she had to put me on hold so she could talk to someone with social security yep i called social security so I could get things straightened out only to get someone who has a better way of getting to actual social security.

The social security office is clear across town from where I am staying it is past difficult to get there. It is hard to do when there is no clue as to how long will be there because have to schedule return trip in advance also

I have no idea what to do any suggestions?

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  • BeatsMeByDre

    You need to connect to your local homeless shelters. Either they or possibly an affiliated church will allow you to send mail to their address. Call 1-800-772-1213, put the phone on speaker and go about your business until they answer. If phone isn’t working for you then the only option is scheduling yourself for the earliest paratransit there and the last paratransit back. Make a day of it, bring a sandwich, etc.

  • EasyBriese

    Our Human Services provides an address to receive mail at. The credit agency I work for gets mail returns which then gets rerouted there. I know it’s in multiple counties here so might be possible in your state.

    Salvation Army might be able to point you in the right direction too. Not the stores or shelters but the actual case workers. Mine are wonderful.

  • OriginalDiva3

    I don’t know what it costs, but the UPS store can give you an actual address that you can receive stuff at.

  • yemx0351

    Post office can do general delivery.
    There are usually day shelters you can revive mail at as well

  • Artist4Patron

    Have to somehow get 3 forms without printer she said will try sending forms to a temp address but is not sure if the 3rd one is mailable

  • aculady

    Send them a letter updating your address?

  • d0ri1990

    You need to contact your local SSA office and speak with a worker

  • CyanResource

    If you have the money, then pay the hundred for the post office box. You can see about getting a refund later.