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### By Eileen Reslen

#### Published March 30, 2024, 11:59 a.m. ET

King Combs Addresses Father Diddy’s legal Troubles

King Combs has broken his silence regarding his father Sean ÔÇ£DiddyÔÇØ Combs’ legal challenges after being detained by authorities during a federal investigation. In a post on Snapchat, the 25-year-old urged people to ÔÇ£stop with the cap,ÔÇØ a slang term that means to stop lying.

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The message seems to be a direct response to recent allegations made against Diddy, with King showing support for his father amidst the turmoil. Last November, Diddy faced accusations of rape and abuse from his ex Cassie, which were settled within 24 hours of the lawsuit being filed.

Since then, Diddy has faced additional sexual assault lawsuits, including one from his former employee Rodney ÔÇ£Lil RodÔÇØ Jones. The $30 million suit alleges repeated sexual assaults during the production of Diddy’s latest album.

The Bad Boy executive has vehemently denied all allegations through his attorney Shawn Holley, calling Lil Rod a liar seeking unwarranted compensation. Despite the legal battles, Diddy maintains his innocence in the face of mounting accusations.

### Homeland Security Raids Diddy’s Properties

In a latest development, Homeland Security raided Diddy’s homes in Los Angeles and Miami as part of an ongoing sex trafficking investigation. The details of the search warrant and the findings remain unclear.

During the raids, both King and his brother Justin were present at Diddy’s Los Angeles residence, where they were reportedly handcuffed by federal agents. Diddy’s attorney criticized the excessive use of force during the operation, emphasizing that Diddy was not arrested or detained.

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Both King and Justin left their father’s mansion post-raid, signaling a dramatic turn of events for the Combs family. Despite the turmoil, King appears to have found solace in his relationship with his girlfriend and his regular workout routines.

As the legal saga continues to unfold, the Combs family faces challenges that are both personal and legal in nature. With the support of his loved ones and legal representation, Diddy navigates the complexities of the legal system as he maintains his innocence amid a storm of accusations.

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