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Young Boy with Autism Turns Hobby into Successful Business

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas ÔÇö Brantley Hatcher, a 5-year-old boy living in Fulton, Texas, has transformed his favorite hobby into a thriving business. Despite being diagnosed with autism, Brantley has shown resilience and determination, proving that nothing can hinder his entrepreneurial spirit.

A few years ago, Brantley observed his mother creating products for her own business, Coastal Chaos Locally. Intrigued by the process, Brantley expressed his eagerness to get involved. Seeing his passion, Brantley’s mother allowed him to assist with making soap, and thus, Brantley’s love for soap-making blossomed, leading to the birth of Brantley’s Bears Handmade Soap.

This endeavor not only showcases Brantley’s skills but also provides him with a sense of routine and consistency. Immersed in his hobby, Brantley learns about the value of earning his own money and taking responsibility for his accomplishments.

A potential challenge for autistic individuals is finding activities that align with their interests and help them develop essential life skills. According to Jacquie Benestante, representative from the Autism Society of Texas, engaging in activities one enjoys, like soap-making, can foster proficiency in specific areas of development. For Brantley, soap-making involves measurements and fine motor skills, offering him a tangible and rewarding experience.

Every day, Brantley diligently fulfills orders for his ‘scentfully’ sweet business, with his ultimate goal being to earn enough money to purchase his very own trampoline. But his aspirations extend beyond personal gain. Brantley also possesses a giving heart, and all the proceeds from Brantley’s Bears will be dedicated to supporting other families with autistic children. With a desire to make a difference, Brantley’s family plans to collect clothes, school supplies, and food for families in need, as well as connect them with relevant community resources.

This inspiring journey is just the beginning for Brantley and his mother. They envision expanding their business, fueling Brantley’s dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

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