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**Shania Brenson: Empowering Individuals with Financial Assistance through 15M Finance**

Shania Brenson, a co-founder and financial expert at 15M Finance, is dedicated to helping individuals secure loans for their various purposes. She brings extensive experience to her role, having worked as a financial advisor at the American National Bank of Texas and the Greater Central Credit Union after graduating in economics and accounting from Texas State University. With the founding of 15M Finance, Shania has elevated her financial assistance to a new level, offering effective solutions for those in need.

**Aiding Entrepreneurs in Making Informed Decisions**

Shania recognizes that starting a small business may seem enticing, with the potential to become your own boss and enjoy the benefits of entrepreneurship. However, she emphasizes the importance of understanding the drawbacks of small business ownership. In an upcoming interview, Shania aims to present a comprehensive overview of the advantages and disadvantages of starting a business. By shedding light on these aspects, she hopes to assist individuals in making informed decisions and accurately assessing the financial risks associated with venturing into entrepreneurship.

**The Advantages of Small Business Ownership**

When asked about the advantages of starting a small business, Shania highlights the myriad benefits it can offer. She emphasizes that small business ownership provides individuals with the opportunity to increase their income and embark on an exciting and challenging career path. Choosing to become a business owner allows individuals to enjoy the perks of independence, explore new opportunities, and potentially benefit from lower taxes. Shania believes that understanding these advantages can aid aspiring entrepreneurs in making a well-informed decision.

**The Impact on Lifestyle and Independence**

Shania offers insight into how running a business can impact one’s lifestyle and independence. As a small business owner, individuals have the freedom to decide how to allocate their company’s funds, plan their own leisure time, and eliminate the fear of being fired. Being one’s own boss allows for a more flexible schedule compared to corporate work, enabling entrepreneurs to structure their day according to their preferences. Shania also notes that the flexible working hours associated with small business ownership can attract highly skilled professionals, further benefiting the growth of the company.

**Assessing Financial Risks and Rewards**

Delving into the topic of financial gain and risks associated with start-ups, Shania affirms that while launching a business involves higher financial risks, it can also yield significant rewards. Entrepreneurs often experience higher income levels than individuals working for others, and the ability to determine one’s own salary serves as a driving force for overcoming various challenges. Shania encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to familiarize themselves with the workings of a business, as understanding the dynamics can make the perceived risks well worth the financial gain.

**Personal Satisfaction and Creative Freedom**

Shania discusses the profound impact running a business can have on personal satisfaction. Entrepreneurs often find more fulfillment and purpose in their work compared to those employed in corporations. The creative freedom that comes with small business ownership allows entrepreneurs to introduce innovative ideas and improvements as they see fit, nurturing a sense of freedom and establishing a willingness to take financial risks. Shania suggests that harnessing this freedom can lead to higher levels of personal satisfaction and motivation.

**Self-Development and Acquisition of Skills**

Shania highlights the impact of launching a business on personal growth and self-development. Owning a small business necessitates knowledge in various areas, which motivates individuals to continually acquire new skills. Additionally, entrepreneurs must cultivate expertise in their chosen field to ensure the success of their venture. Shania asserts that the constant pursuit of knowledge and skill acquisition is an essential aspect of being a small business owner.

**Tax Benefits and Future Business Opportunities**

When discussing the advantages of small business ownership, Shania emphasizes the importance of tax benefits. Governments often offer reduced taxes to support small businesses and stimulate local economies. This favorable tax treatment, coupled with the ability to deduct most business expenses, simplifies the process of owning a small business and accelerates its growth. Shania points out that one of the main benefits of owning a company is the equity it creates, as entrepreneurs have the freedom to pass it on to future generations or sell the business to embark on new ventures.

**Recognizing the Disadvantages of Small Business Ownership**

Shania acknowledges that alongside the advantages, small business ownership also presents challenges and potential drawbacks. Starting a business can be costly, often requiring individuals to rely on their life savings or seek financial help from friends and family. However, Shania assures that solutions exist for aspiring entrepreneurs, such as securing additional capital through organizations like 15M Finance, which connects individuals with reliable direct lenders. By focusing on creditworthiness and income rather than credit history, 15M Finance assists borrowers in obtaining the necessary funds to launch their business.

**Navigating Challenges and Time Commitment**

Shania addresses the significant time commitment and challenges faced by small business owners. Repaying debts incurred during the launch of a start-up can be demanding, requiring entrepreneurs to dedicate extensive effort to ensure the success of their business. Shania advises future business owners to be prepared for these challenges, such as the need to fire employees or handle unexpected issues like late deliveries and equipment breakdowns.

**Avoiding Common Mistakes and the Importance of Risk Assessment**

Shania discusses the most common mistake made by aspiring entrepreneurs – overlooking the potential substantial financial loss associated with small business ownership. Many individuals focus solely on the numerous advantages of starting a business while neglecting the inherent risks. Shania reminds entrepreneurs that owning a business entails shouldering responsibilities such as cash flow management, hiring and firing employees, and resolving customer issues. To mitigate risks, Shania stresses the importance of closely monitoring and controlling all business aspects from the outset.

**Balancing Work and Family Life**

Contrary to popular belief, Shania asserts that launching a business may not initially provide individuals with more time to spend with their families. Owning both small and large companies demands significant effort and can consume the time that could otherwise be allocated to personal life. Constant phone calls and the need to stay connected to the business can complicate the separation of work and family life. Shania advises aspiring entrepreneurs to be prepared for this dynamic and understand the initial sacrifices that may be required.

**The Final Verdict on Small Business Ownership**

In conclusion, Shania highlights the allure of being self-employed, which offers independence, freedom, and a multitude of opportunities. However, she emphasizes the importance of considering all the advantages and disadvantages of small business ownership before embarking on the journey. Assessing financial risks, committing time and resources, preparing for potential health issues, and other factors are crucial steps in achieving business success. Shania reminds individuals that while entrepreneurship can yield significant benefits, it also requires preparedness for financial losses and the possibility of encountering stress along the way.

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