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## Reporting by Shams Charania, Mike Vorkunov and Ben Pickman

Indiana Fever rookie sensation Caitlin Clark, recently selected as the No. 1 pick in the WNBA draft, is currently in negotiations for a groundbreaking, eight-figure endorsement deal with Nike, according to sources in the sports industry who spoke with The Athletic. This deal also includes the possibility of Clark receiving her own signature Nike shoe line. Additionally, major offers have been made to her from Under Armour and Adidas, demonstrating the intense competition for her sponsorship.

Clark’s previous partnership with Nike expired at the end of her college basketball season, allowing her to enter the market at the height of her fame. Her exceptional performance at the University of Iowa garnered widespread attention, with record-breaking achievements and a surge in viewership for women’s college basketball. The level of interest in Clark is evidenced by the record-setting viewership numbers for the women’s NCAA Tournament games featuring Iowa, with the national championship game attracting a massive 18.9 million viewers.

After being chosen as the top overall pick by the Fever, Clark’s profile has continued to rise. The WNBA draft saw a significant increase in viewership, reaching 2.4 million viewers this year, more than four times higher than the previous year and setting a new record. As one of the most sought-after athletes, Clark has secured endorsement deals with major brands like Gatorade, State Farm, and Panini.

The impact of Clark’s popularity extends beyond the basketball court, as evidenced by her recent appearance on “Saturday Night Live” and the surge in ticket sales and jersey purchases following the draft. Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry, who established Curry Brand under Under Armour, participated in discussions with Clark’s potential sponsors, further solidifying her status as a rising star with immense market appeal.

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Clark’s transition to the professional realm has not deterred her from maintaining her focus on off-court business engagements. In her post-draft press conference, she emphasized the support of her team in guiding her through this new chapter of her career. Despite the whirlwind of attention and opportunities, Clark remains dedicated to her craft and looks forward to what the future holds in her flourishing partnership with Nike and other esteemed brands in the industry.

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(Photo of Caitlin Clark: Ron Hoskins / NBAE via Getty Images)

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