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## 11th Annual Zenith Digital Marketing Conference

The 11th annual Zenith Digital Marketing Conference is set to take place at Greysolon Ballroom by Black Woods and the Zeitgeist on April 11. It is a day-long event tailored for marketing professionals of all levels. Attendees can choose to delve into key digital marketing concepts, an intermediate to advanced integrated approach, or opt for the small- and medium-sized business track.

Keynote speakers for this year’s conference include Purna Virji, principal consultant for content solutions at LinkedIn, and Mike King, founder and CEO of iPullRank, a performance marketing agency. Virji will shed light on the significance of making inclusion the default approach in businesses and organizations, while King will touch upon search engine optimization, content strategy, and artificial intelligence.

This conference is a collaborative effort between Aimclear, a digital marketing and communications agency based in Duluth and St. Paul, and the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce. Proceeds from the event will support the chamberÔÇÖs Fuse Duluth program, which aims to nurture local college graduates and foster the growth of future business leaders within the community.

### Introducing the Small Business Track

A new addition to this year’s conference is the small business track, tailored to companies with up to 25 employees. This track focuses on demonstrating how businesses can maximize the outcomes of digital marketing despite having limited resources and a tight budget. The inclusion of the small business track has generated excitement among local marketers, according to Aubrey Hagen, Fuse program director.

The small business track will be presented by Andrew Weisz, CEO of Finden Marketing and co-owner of two Chilly BillyÔÇÖs locations in Duluth. Since its establishment three years ago, Finden Marketing has been providing branding, website design, and content creation services to a wide range of clients, from startups to multi-million-dollar enterprises.

### Leveraging Digital Marketing for Success

Weisz, along with Aubrey Hagen, will discuss how businesses can create unique and successful events within a local setting that aligns with digital marketing strategies. They will explore the potential of digital marketing as a cost-effective means for drawing in customers by showcasing behind-the-scenes videos, creating event pages, and leveraging social media platforms.

During the conference, attendees can expect to receive valuable insights on enhancing sales, generating quality leads, boosting online engagement, expanding social market share, and avoiding unnecessary online expenditures. Registration for the Zenith conference is open at

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