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Miller Hull places 3rd in international school design competition


Miller Hull, a renowned architectural firm, recently achieved a remarkable milestone by securing the 3rd position in an international school design competition. The firm’s exceptional talent and innovative approach were acknowledged for their outstanding work on the design of a new regenerative campus for the American School of Quito in Ecuador.

The project not only showcases Miller Hull’s dedication to sustainable architecture but also highlights their ability to create inspiring learning environments that blend harmoniously with the natural surroundings.

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Key Features of the Design

The design for the new campus of the American School of Quito features a range of innovative elements that set it apart from traditional school campuses. These include a butterfly garden in a learning courtyard, a wetland that serves as an outdoor classroom, and a series of meandering net-zero buildings.

The campus is envisioned as a sustainable and regenerative space, with curvilinear courtyard buildings constructed primarily using wood or mass timber. This environmentally conscious approach reflects Miller Hull’s commitment to creating architecture that not only enhances the learning experience but also minimizes its impact on the planet.

Visual Representation of the Design

The conceptual design of the campus is visually stunning, with renderings depicting the beauty and functionality of the proposed structures. The image of a butterfly garden in a learning courtyard, surrounded by sustainable buildings and natural elements, evokes a sense of harmony and tranquility.

By combining innovative design elements with sustainable materials and regenerative concepts, Miller Hull has created a vision of the future of school architecture that is both inspiring and practical.

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