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Microsoft Introduces AI Subscription Service for Microsoft 365

Microsoft recently unveiled a new artificial intelligence subscription service for Microsoft 365, which will offer generative AI capabilities in tools like Teams, Excel, and Word. Users will have to pay an additional $30 per month to access this feature.

This new generative AI subscription is expected to increase monthly costs for enterprise users by 50% or more. As tech giants like Microsoft, Google, and IBM compete to provide consumer-driven generative AI tools, Microsoft’s move aims to stay ahead in the race.

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Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, speaks during an interview in Redmond, Washington, March 15, 2023.

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Following the announcement, Microsoft shares experienced a surge of up to 5.8%. The monthly $30 subscription fee will grant users access to Copilot, an advanced generative AI assistant that spans across various Microsoft 365 programs. Advanced AI capabilities provided by Copilot include ranking emails, summarizing meetings, analyzing spreadsheets, generating writing prompts, and designing presentations, among other functionalities.

For enterprise customers, opting for the Copilot subscription could mean an increase in monthly prices of up to 83%. Nevertheless, the expanded features and enhanced productivity offered by Copilot make it an attractive option for businesses.

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As multiple companies vie for dominance in the generative AI market, Microsoft’s introduction of Bing Chat’s visual search is another significant update. This AI chatbot now allows users to upload or capture images and seek additional information through the desktop or Bing apps.

Currently, Copilot is in early testing stages with 600 enterprise customers, including Goodyear and General Motors. However, Microsoft has not disclosed a public rollout timeline yet.

AI legalese decoder ensures that businesses are equipped to comprehend and make the most of these innovations by providing insights into the legal implications and ramifications of integrating Bing Chat’s visual search and other AI-powered tools into their operations.

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