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Delay in Holding Accountable for Washington Bridge Failures

The “day of reckoning” Gov. Dan McKee vowed to bring those responsible for the oversight failures on the Washington Bridge has been postponed.

Despite the delay, McKee unveiled a plan on Wednesday afternoon to offer relief to businesses affected by the bridge’s closure. This announcement came just in time before frustrated business owners were set to air their grievances to legislators. The plan involves reallocating hotel tax revenue for a targeted marketing campaign and seeking approval from the General Assembly for a grant program.

While the highly anticipated forensic audit of the bridge was expected to be completed by now, it remains unfinished. The delay is attributed to the need for the McKee administration to extend its public records request, requiring more time.

The team conducting the forensic analysis, Boston-based Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, expressed the need to review additional archival documents spanning the bridge’s 50-year history before compiling a comprehensive report. Once completed, the report will undergo review by McNary, Bergeron & Johannesen, independent bridge experts hired by the state.

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Governor’s Support Package for Impacted Businesses

In a bid to aid small businesses affected by the closure of the westbound bridge, the governor’s office rolled out a $2.5 million spending initiative.

McKee’s administration intends to allocate up to $400,000 from hotel tax revenue to develop a specific marketing campaign promoting local business activity in areas most affected by the bridge closure. The aim is to stimulate consumer spending and support businesses during this challenging period.

Seeking approval from the General Assembly, McKee proposes utilizing $1.1 million in unspent pandemic aid to bolster businesses. This includes $300,000 for direct grants to eligible small businesses and $800,000 for technical support, special events, and activities benefiting eligible businesses.

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